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Infections are a core mechanic of Flexible Survival. As you try to survive the apocalypse, you will inevitably be transformed by the nanites that were released upon the city.


An almost inevitable result of playing the game is infection. In most scenarios, the player starts as a human, but so did the majority of the other creatures the player will encounter in the city. Almost none of the city's occupants remain full blood humans. If the player is careful, they may remain human for the duration of the game, but much of the fun revolves around the various infections the player encounters and may acquire. Any given infection will transform the player's physical and sexual attributes toward that infection's natural shape.

Generally speaking, there are two ways in which players become infected. The first is through sexual interaction with certain Monsters (generally in a non-consensual fashion) or NPCs (generally more consensual, though just as sexual). The player may also acquire various Items through the course of the game which bestow infections upon consumption or use.

When infected, a random part of the character's body will be subject to infection and change. For the purposes of the game, there are five parts of the body which can become infected:

  • Face
  • Body
  • Skin
  • Ass/Tail
  • Groin/Genitals

There will then be a description of the change occurring to the character's body and their personal description will be altered to reflect this change. Further infection from that same strain will affect a new body part each time until the player's form is fully transformed, leaving only any remaining shifts in gender to continue. Some NPCs and events can result in infection as well, as a player makes contact with a tainted object or infected individual. Some NPCs do not infect the player or only do so under special circumstances. Some basic feats, such as Microwaved, Resistant and Mutable affect a player's likelihood to become infected, but generally don't affect non-random infection.

Gender shifting: Most creatures and infections have a target gender they want to move the player towards, with assigned sizes and numbers for cocks, cunts and breasts they seek to bestow. A gender shift will incrementally move the player towards these values. Changes to the player's body will also prompt a shift in the player's gender and breast size, if applicable. An infection affecting a player's cock will change the form of their cock as well as causing a gender shift.

Once the player has become fully infect by a strain (all 5 body parts), gender and breast changes will continue until the player's sexual changes are also complete. This completed status occurs when the player's genitals are at or between the creature's listed value and 150% of the listed value. If one of the player's sexual characteristics falls within this range, it will not be changed by the infection attempt, though any outside the ranges will still change.

Players are able to exert some control over the type of gender shifting that can take place, should they choose one of the various 'Gender Preferred' or other fun feats related to gender shifting.

Infection List

Below is a list of all infections in the game. This list is not complete, but should be mostly accurate.

  • Infection: The direct in-game infection name.
  • Type: General category of
  • Size: Used in determining what Equipment will fit, and in some cases what creatures/npc the player can have sex with.
  • Gender: indicates what gender the infection will shift the player towards, with "Varies" meaning it will defer to the players set preference.
  • Heat: Does the infection have a mechanic.
  • Enemy: Which enemies spread the infection to the player.
  • NPC: Which NPCs spread the infection to the player.
  • Item: Which items/mechanics spread the infection to the player.

While every enemy/npc in the game generally has an infection, that does not mean they are infectious. Some entries on the list are unobtainable in traditional gameplay. If an infection has at least one source, it most likely has a corresponding Nanite Vial in Researcher mode.

Infection List
Infection Type Size Gender Heat Enemy NPC Item Notes
Alpha Wolf Lupine 3 Male No Alpha Wolf Fur, Alpha Wolf Man-milk
Amazonian Human 3 Both No Amazonian
Anime Babe Human 3 Female No Anime Babe Sticky Sushi
Anthro Goat Caprine 3 Male No Goat Janitor
Anthro Rabbit Lapine 2 Both Yes Anthro Rabbit Lucky Rabbit Foot
Anthro Shaft Beast Mutant 3 Both No Anthro Shaft Beast Psionic Egg
Arctic Fox Vulpine 3 Male No Arctic Fox
Army Ant Insectoid 4 Male No Army Ant
Automaton Humanoid 3 Male No Automaton Silver Semen
Avalon Kobold Draconic 2 None Yes Gildwing's Blessing
Badger Musteline 3 Male No Badger
Bald Eagle Avian 3 Male No Bald Eagle Eagle Feather
Batcubus Bat 3 Female No Batcubus Batcubus Milk
Beaver Rodent 3 Male No Beaver
Behemoth Bestial 5 Both No Behemoth Behemoth Horn
Bird of Paradise Avian 3 Female No Bird of Paradise Nadia is non-infectious.
Black Equinoid Equine 4 Both No Black Equinoid Liliana, Amaryllis, and Ammy Lucky Horseshoe, Harold's Equestrian Ale The 'Destroyed Bushes' event will infect the player.
Black Wasp Insectoid 3 None No Black Wasp 'Insect Hive' event required
Black Wolf Canine 3 Male No Andrew Harold's Black Wolf Brew
Blacktail Stag Cervine 3 Male No Blacktail Stag Mike Sheng's Potion
Blue Chaffinch Avian 2 Varies No Blue Chaffinch Icarus
Blue Gel Gelatinous 3 Male No Blue Gel
Blue Goo Gelatinous 3 None No Blue
Blue Gryphon Herm Gryphon 3 Both No Hermaphrodite Gryphon Garrett, Denise, and Timothy Blue Gryphon Feather, Gryphon Milk, Gryphon Cum, Harold's Gryphon Gulp
Bouncy Succubus Demonic 3 Female No Bouncy Succubus
Bottlenose Toy Cetacean 3 Varies No Bottlenose Toy
Bovine Bovine 5 Female Yes Bovine Cow Milk
Breederslut Canine 2 Female Yes Dominick
Brown Bear Female Ursine 4 Female No Bear Honeycomb
Brown Rat Male Murine 3 None No Brown Rat Cum Blake's unique infection.
Bunny Jock Lapine 4 Male No Bunny Jock Bunweiser Beer
Butterfly Insectoid 3 Varies No Butterfly
Caveman Human-like 3 Male No Caveman
Centaur Mare Centaur 4 Female No Centaur Stallion Centaur Hair
Centaur Stallion Centaur 4 Male No Centaur Mare Centaur Cum
Cerberus Canine 4 Both No Cerberus
Cheesecake Food 3 Female No François's Cooking
Cheetah Woman Feline 3 Male Yes Cheetah Woman Cheetah Milk, Harold's Cheetah Chaser
Chinchilla Rodent 1 Varies No Chinchilla Tuft of Chin Fur
Chocolate Lab Canine 2 Both No Chocolate Lab Harold's Chocolate Rum
City Sprite Fae 1 Female No City Sprite Pixie Dust
Clockwork Fox Vulpine 3 Male No Clockwork Fox
Cock Cannon Mutant 3 Male No Cock Cannon
Corota Serpentine 3 Varies No Corota Corota Venom
Corrupted Spawner Mutant 3 Varies No Corrupted Spawner
Cougar Feline 3 Both No Cougar
Cow-babe Female Bovine 3 Female No Cow-print Cowgirl Boots, Sweet Milk
Cow-boi Male Bovine 3 Male No Cow-print Cowboy Hat, Macho Milk
Coyote Canine 3 Varies No Diego
Cum Girl Gelatinous 3 None No Cum Girl enemies unique strain.
Dalmation Bitch Canine 3 Female No Dalmatian Cum
Dalmation Male Canine 3 Varies No Stella Dalmatian Fur
Dark Elf Elven 3 Both No Dark Elf
Deer Cervine 3 Both No Deer Susan
Demon Brute Demonic 4 Mal? No Demon Brute Old-type infection, info may be wrong.
Demon Fox Vulpine 4 Male No Demon Fox Fur Demon Fox enemies unique strain.
Dire Wolf Lupine 4 Male No Dire Wolf Dire-Wolf Cum
Doberman Bitch Canine 3 Female No Doberman Bitch Fur, Doberman Cum
Doberman Male Canine 3 Male No Doberman Cop? Doberman Male Fur
Dolphin Herm Cetacean 3 Both No Hermaphrodite Dolphin Dolphin Milk
Donkeyman Equine 3 Male No Donkeyman
Donkeywoman Equine 3 Female No Donkeywoman
Dragon Pool Toy Draconic 5 Herm No Dragon Pool Toy
Drone Wasp Insectoid 2 Female No Drone Wasp
Dryad Fae 3 Both No Dryad Dryad Cum
Dulluhan Human-like 4 Male No Dullahan Dust Dulluhan enemies unique strain.
Dwarf Male Humanoid 2 Male No Dwarf Scavenger Dwarven Ale
Easter Bunny Lapine 3 None Yes Micaela Easter Egg
Ebonflame Drake Draconic 3 Both No Ebonflame Drake Ebonflame Scale
Elk Cervine 3 Varies No Elk Elk Antler
Elven Male Elven 3 Male No Elven Hunter Castien? Elven Male Cum, Lembas Bread
Ember Breeder Canine 3 Both No Ember Breeder
Ewe Caprine 3 Female No Ewe*, Ram* Leon*, Mary* Tainted Wool *Only if Females are not banned, and male preffered not in player feats.
Feline Feline 2 Female No Feline Leonard
Feline Gymnast Feline 2 Both No Feline Gymnast
Felinoid Feline 4 Female Yes Felinoid Klauz
Fennec Vulpine 3 Varies No Fennec
Feral Cheetah Feline 2 Female Yes Feral Cheetah
Feral Gryphon Gryphon 4 Male No Feral Gryphon
Feral Mustang Mare Equine 4 Female No Lucifer
Feral Mustang Stallion Equine 4 Male No Lucifer
Feral Sea Dragon Draconic 5 Female Yes Feral Sea Dragon
Feral Sea Dragoness Draconic 5 Female Yes Feral Sea Dragoness
Feral Shaft Beast Mutant 3 Both No Feral Shaft Beast Psionic Larva
Feral Unicorn Equine 4 None No Feral Unicorn
Feral Wolf Bitch Lupine 3 Female No Feral Wolf, Alpha Wolf Lux Wolf Bitch Fur, Wolf Bitch Milk, Feral Wolf Cum, Alpha Wolf Cum, Wolf Fem-cum
Feral Wolf Male Lupine 3 Male No Feral Wolf Bitch Umbra Male Wolf Fur, Wolf Cum
Ferret Musteline 3 Male No Alex Ferret Cum
Fire Elemental Elemental 3 Humanoid Yes Fire Elemental
Fire Sprite Fae 1 Varies No Fire Sprite Glowing Ember
Flaming Lynx Feline 3 Male No Flaming Lynx
Flesh Blob Gelatinous 3 Both No Flesh Blob
Fluffy Owl Avian 3 Female No Fluffy Owl
Football Gorilla Cuntboi Simian 3 Male No Roman's Gifted Football Helmet
Football Gorilla Male Simian 3 Male No Football Gorilla Male Astroslide Field Roman's Stolen Football Helmet
Football Wolfman Lupine 3 Male No Football Wolfman Sports Drink
Foul Scuttler Mutant 3 Varies No Foul Scuttler Foul Scuttler Spit
Friendship Pony Equine 2 Varies No Friendship Pony Pony Cider
Fruit Bat Bat 3 Male No Fruit Bat
Furling Feline 4 Female No Furling Red Fur
Gargoyle Demonic 3 Male No Gargoyle
Gator Herm Reptilian 4 Both No Sewer Gator Sewer Gator
Gazelle Bovide 3 Both No Gazelle
German Shepherd Bitch Canine 3 Female Yes German Shepherd Male German Shepherd Bitch Fur, German Shepherd Male Cum
German Shepherd Male Canine 3 Male No German Shepherd Bitch German Shepherd Male Fur
Gingerbread Food 3 Male No François's Cooking
Giraffe Giraffe 4 Both No Giraffe
Goblin Humanoid 1 Varies No Goblin
Goo Girl Gelatinous 3 Varies No Goo Girl Glob of Goo
Gray Squirrel Rodent 3 Female No Macadamia
Great Dane Canine 3 Female No Great Dane Trophy Bandage
Greek Nymph Fae 3 Female No Greek Nymph
Grizzly Bear Ursine 3 Male No Grizzly Bear
Gunbunny Lapine 3 Female No Gunbunny
Gypsy Horse Transman Equine 3 Female No Corbin Cowboy Milk
Harpy Avian 3 Female No Harpy Harold's Harpy Heaven
Hawkman Female Avian 3 Female No Hawkman Hawkman Female Feathers, Hawkman Male Cum
Hawkman Male Avian 3 Male No Hawkman Male Feathers
Hellfire Demon Demonic 4 Male No Hellfire Demon Hellfire Demon Horn Shard, Hellfire Seed, Hellfire Demon Man-milk
Hellhound Canine 3 None Yes Hellhound Pact
Helot Manservant Human 3 Male No Spartan, Helot
Herm Human Human 3 Both No Thought Eater
Hermaid Aquatic 3 Both No Hermaid Hermaid Kelp
Hippo Hippo 3 Male No Hippo Strongman
Homo Sapiens Human-like 3 Male No Homo Sapiens Mammoth Jerky
Horny Doctor Canine 3 Varies Yes Horny Doctor
Horny Dragon Draconic 5 Both Yes Christy
Horse-Hung Nerd Human 3 Male No Clyde's unique strain.
Horseman Equine 3 Male No Clyde, Ammy Horse Fur
Horsemazon Equine 4 Female Yes Horsemazon Horsemazon Fur
Hulking Cheerleader Human 4 Male No Hulking Cheerleader
Human Human 3 None No Starting strain in most games.
Human Giant Human-like 3 Varies No Giant Giant Essence
Human Hybrid Human-like 3 Female No Twisted Pimp
Human Mutant Human 3 Male No Mutated Islanders
Husky Alpha Canine 3 Male No Husky Bitch Husky Bitch Cum, Husky Alpha Fur, Husky Alpha Man-milk, Sheng's Potion
Husky Bitch Canine 3 Female Yes Alpha Husky Husky Alpha Cum, Husky Bitch Fur, Husky Bitch Milk, Sheng's Potion
Hydra Beast Reptilian 5 Male No Hydra Beast
Hyena Herm Hyena 3 Varies No Herm Hyena Kara, Hadiya, Gina, Hyena Matriarch Hyena Herm Fur, Hyena Herm Milk, Hyena Herm Cum Some outside events cause this strain.
Hyena Matriarch Hyena 4 Both No The Hyena Matriarch's unique strain.
Hyper Squirrel Rodent 3 Both No Snow
Hyperskunk Musteline 3 Both No Doctor Moffatt
Ice Fox Vulpine 3 Both No Snow Star Miyuki's unique strain.
Imp Male Demonic 1 Male No Imp
Impala Cervine 3 Varies No Impala
Incubus Demonic 3 Male No Incubus Incubus Motorcycle Helmet
Inflatable Vulpine Vulpine 3 None No Bubble
Jackal Alpha Canine 3 Male No Jackal Alpha Fur
Jackal Femboy Canine 3 Male No Jackal Alpha Jackal Alpha Cum
Jackalboy Canine 3 Male No Nermine's Rare Item Quest
Jackalman Canine 3 Male No Nermine's Rare Item Quest
Jaguar Male Feline 4 None No Jaguar Harold's Jaguar Lager
Jaguar Warrior Feline 3 Varies No Jaguar Warrior Jaguar Headdress
Junkman Humanoid 3 Varies No Junkman
Killer Whale Cetacean 4 Male No Killer Whale
Kitsune Vulpine 3 Both No Kitsune (SP)
Knight Human 3 Varies No Knight Stray Links
Kobold Draconic 2 Male No Kobold Gang
Komodo Dragon Reptilian 4 Varies No Komodo Dragon
Lamia Serpentine 4 Female No Lamia
Latex Bobcat Feline 3 None Yes Latex Bobcat
Latex Ermine Musteline 3 Male No Latex Ermine
Latex Fox Vulpine 3 Male No Latex Fox
Latex Mistress Humanoid 3 Female No Latex Mistress
Latex Vixen Herm Vulpine 3 Both No Hermaphrodite Latex Vixen
Latex Wolf Lupine 3 Male No Latex Wolf
Leopardman Feline 3 Female No Leopardman
Liquidshifter Draconic 4 Male No Liquidshifter
Lizard Girl Reptilian 3 Varies Yes Lizard Girl Only female and herm genders.
Magic Drake Draconic 3 Male No Magic Drake
Malayan Tiger Herm Feline 3 Both No Tigress Hooker, Tiger Cop Harold's Tigress Tequila
Mall Rat Murine 3 None No Lucy
Mammoth Elephantine 4 Both No Mammoth
Man-eating Plant Plant 3 Both No Man-eating Plant enemies unique strain.
Mannequin Humanoid 3 Neuter No Mannequin
Manticore Hybrid 4 Both No Manticore
Mareslut Equine 3 Female No Horseman Ammy Horseman Cum
Margay Feline 4 Female No Margay Margay Milk
Math Teacher Human 3 Both No Math Teacher
Mental Mouse Murine 2 Both No Mental Mouse Rachel
Messy Pig Porcine 3 Female No Messy Pig
Minotaur Bovine 4 Male No Minotaur Camp Bravo Events
Monkey Simian 2 Various No Monkey Wukong
Monkey Thug Simian 2 Both No Monkey Thug
Morgan Horse Stallion Equine 4 Both No Ammy, Steven
Mothgirl Insectoid 2 Both No Mothgirl
Mushroom Man Plant 1 Female No Mushroom Man Mushroom
Mutant Centaur Centaur 4 Female Yes Mutant Centaur Fresh Apple
Naga Serpentine 3 Varies No Naga
Naiad Human-like 3 Female No Naiad
Nekomimi Boy Feline 3 Male No Nekomimi Boy Nekomimi Boy Fluff
Nerdy Mouse Murine 2 Male No Nerdy Mouse Nerdy Mouse Fur, Nerdy Mouse Cum
Nightmare Equine 4 Male No Nightmare* *Player victory only
Ninja Cat Feline 3 Female No Ninja Cat
Ocelot Feline 2 Varies No Ocelot Oliver
Ogre Male Humanoid 4 None No Ogre Male enemies unique strain.
Opossum Herm Marsupial 3 Both No Opossum Sailor
Orc Breeder Orc 3 Male No Orc Warrior Orc Cum
Orc Female Orc 4 Female No Orc Fem-cum Katya's unique strain.
Orc Warrior Orc 4 Male No Orc Brew
Painted Wolf Herm Lupine 3 Both No Painted Wolf Herm
Palomino Stallion Equine 3 Male No Tristan
Panda Ursine 3 Male No Panda Harold's Panda Pint
Panther Herm Feline 3 Both No Midnight
Panther Taur Feline 4 Both No Panther Taur Panther Milk
Parasitic Plant Plant 3 Both Yes Parasitic Plant Joanna Musky Cock Flower
Peacock Avian 3 Female Yes Peacock Peackock Feather
Pegasus Equine 3 Both No Pegasus Pegasus Quill
Pewter Consort Mutant 3 Male No Pewter Consort Pewter Seed
Piggy Porcine 4 None No Piggy Fur, Piggy Milk
Pink Fox Vulpine 3 Both No Pink Fox Fur, Pink Fox Milk Cherry's unique strain.
Pink Gel Gelatinous 3 Female No Pink Gel Pink Gel
Pink Poodle Canine 3 Varies Yes Pink Poodle
Pit Bull Canine 3 Varies No Pit Bull
Plains Lizard Male Reptilian 3 Male No Andre
Platypus Platypus 2 Male No Platypus
Plush Lion Feline 3 Female No Plush Lion
Pod Person Human 3 Varies No Awesome Tree Awesome Fruit
Polar Bear Male Ursine 3 Male No Santa Claws
Prairie Dog Rodent 1 Both No Prairie Dog
Psycho Weasel Musteline 3 Male No Psycho Weasel
Purple Gel Gelatinous 3 Both No Purple Gel Purple Gel
Queen Bee Insectoid 3 None No Honey
Quilled Tousky Hybrid 2 Male No Quilled Tousky Tousky Quill
Raccoon Coon 3 Male No Candy
Ram Ovine 3 Varies No Ewe*, Ram* Leon*, Mary* Tainted Wool *Only if males are not banned, and female preffered not in player feats.
Razorback Boar Male Porcine 3 Male No Razorback Boar
Red Kangaroo Marsupial 3 Female No [Red Kangaroo]]
Red Panda Ailurus 2 Male No Red Panda Cum
Reindeer Cervine 3 Female Yes Reindeer Eggnog
Reptaur Saurian 4 Both No Reptaur
Retriever Female Canine 3 Female No Karen Dog Bone
Rhino Rhino 4 Male No Rhino Rhino Cum
Rodeo Clown Human-like 3 Both No Rodeo Clown
Rubber Drake Draconic 4 Male No Koballoon
Rubber Puma Feline 3 Male No Rubber Sneakers
Rubber Tigress Feline 3 Male No Rubber Tigress Artemis Tiger Patch
Sabretooth Feline 4 Female No Sabretooth Chipped Tooth, Harold's Sabre Savager
Salamander Amphibian 3 Female No Salamander
Sand Man Humanoid 3 Male No Sand Man
Satyr Caprine 2 Male No Satyr Harold's Satyr Special
Satyress Caprine 3 Female No Satyress
Scarab Beetle Insectoid 3 None No Amuran
Sea Otter Mustilid 3 Male No Brooke Sheng's Potion
Shadow Beast Male Feline 3 Male No Shadow Beast
Shark Herm Aquatic 3 Both No Pirate Shark Pirate Bandana
Sharkman Brute Selachian 3 Male No Sharkman Brute Sharkman Brute Scale, Sharkman Brute Man-milk, Sharkman Brute Cum Skyler, Caleb, and Kody
Siamese Cat Feline 3 Varies No Siamese Cat
Sierrasaur Saurian 3 Varies No Sierrasaur Earthen Seed
Siren Humanoid 3 Varies No Siren
Skunk Mephit 3 Female Yes Skunk Skunk Goo
Skunkbeast Lord Mephit 4 Varies No Skunkbeast Lord
Slime Cube Glatinous 4 Both No Slime Cube
Slut Rat Murine 4 Both No Slut Rat Ronda, Rod
Slutty Dragoness Draconic 5 Both Yes Christy
Smilodon Male Feline 3 Male No Ranfer Smilodon Male Fur, Smilodon Cum, Smilodon Man-milk
Smooth Collie Shemale Canine 4 Male Yes Shemale Smooth Collie Smooth Collie Shemale Fur, Dog Milk
Snake Serpentine 3 Varies No Snake
Snow Leopard Feline 3 Varies No Snow Leopard
Spartan Warrior Human 3 Male No Helot Manservant Pita Bread
Sphynx Feline 3 Female No Valerie
Spidergirl Arachnid 3 Both No Spidergirl Spider Webbing
Spidertaur Female Arachnid 4 Female No Nermine's Rare Infection Deal
Spidertaur Male Arachnid 4 Male No Spidertaur Hair Unique strain to Aelias, the Spidertaur
Squid Aquatic 2 Female No Squid Has special interactions with the Anime Babe enemy.
Squire Human 3 Varies No Squire
Stallionboi Equine 3 Male No Stallionboi, Horseman* Ammy, Onyx Horseman Cum *Only if females are banned or male preffered in feats.
Succubus Demonic 3 Female No Succubus Aerana? Succubus Bike Helmet, Harold's Succubus Delight
Sugar Ferret Mustilid 2 Varies No Sugar Ferret
Sugar Glider Marsupial 3 Varies No Sugar Glider
Tanuki Coon 3 None No More info needed on infection sources
Teddy Bear Ursine 3 Female No Teddy Bear
Tenrec Mustilid 3 Male No Tenrec
Tentacle Horror Mutant 3 Both No Tentacle Horror
Thought Eater Alien 3 Male No Tentacle Tip Thought Eater enemies strain
Tiger Feline 3 Female No Chase
Tiger Shark Male Aquatic 3 Male No Devil's Purse Tiger Shark Male enemies unique strain.
Tigertaur Feline 4 Both No Tigertaur
Tiny Dino Saurian 2 Male No Dino Pack
Trash Coon Coon 4 Varies No Trash Coon
Triceratops Saurian 3 Male No Triceratops
Tyrannosaurus Male Saurian 3 Male No Tyrannosaurus Male Tyrannosaurus Male Tooth, tyrannosaurus Man-milk, Tyrannosaurus Cum
Unicorn Equine 3 Varies No Harold, Ammy
Valkyrie Reptilian 3 Male No Valkyrie
Viking Man Human 3 Male No Viking* Dried Cod *only the female viking enemy
Viking Woman Human 3 Female No Viking* Mead Horn *Only the male viking enemy
Vixen Nurse Vulpine 3 Female No Vixen Nurse Vixen Milk
Voodoo Gecko Reptilian 3 Varies No Voodoo Gecko Gecko Gum
Vulpogryph Hybrid 3 Varies No Solstice
Wereraptor Saurian 3 None No Wereraptor Doctor Utah
Werewolf Brute Lupine 3 Male No Werewolf Brute Werewolf Brute Fur, Werewolf Brute Cum, Werewolf Brute Man-milk
Werewolf Costume Lupine 3 Varies No Werewolf Costume
Whiptail Reptilian 3 Female No Whiptail
Wildcat Feline 4 Both No Wildcat
Wolfman Cheerleader Human 3 Female No Only through the 'Cheerleader Practice' event.
Wolftaur Lupine 4 Female No Wolftaur
Wolverine Guard Mustilid 4 Female No Wolverine Guard James
Wood Elf Elven 3 Female No Wood Elf
Wrestling Wolf Lupine 4 Female No Wrestling Wolf
Wyvern Draconic 5 Varies No Wyvern Wyvern Goop
Xeno Drone Alien 3 Both No Xeno Drone Acid Milk
Yamato Dragon Draconic 5 Varies No Yamato Dragon Dragon Scale
Yamato Dragoness Draconic 5 Varies No Yamato Dragoness Dragon Hair
Yinglet Rodent-like 3 Male No Yinglet Barnacle Encrusted Gem
Yuppie Mink Musteline 3 Varies No Yuppie Mink
Zebra Stallion Equine 3 Varies No Zebra Stallion Ammy Harold's Zebra Vodka

The following infections are not obtainable during normal gameplay, and can only be gotten by shifting or debug commands.

Unobtainable Infection List
Infection Type Size Gender Heat Enemy NPC Item Notes
Albino Mouse Murine 1 Female No Dr. Mouse's unique strain.
Anthro Dragoness Draconic 3 Female No
Blue Oni Oni 4 Male No Rane's unique strain.
Blob Amorphous 1 None No Unused enemy strain
Bobcat Feline 2 Male No Milo's unique strain.
Cane Toad Male Amphibian 3 None No Lingau's unique placeholder strain.
Catboy Feline 2 Female No Fiona's unique strain.
Catgirl Feline 2 Male No
Christmas Elf Female Elven 2 Female No
Christmas Elf Male Elven 2 Male No Jay?
Copper Dragoness Draconic 5 Female No Copper Dragoness enemies unique strain.
Crimson Dragon Draconic 3 Female No Ruby's unique strain.
Dalmatian Herm Canine 3 Both No
Dalmatian Transbitch Canine 3 Male No
Dalmatian Transman Canine 3 Female No
Dark Tyrant Humanoid 5 Male No Dark Tyrant enemies unique strain
Deep One Aquatic 3 Male No
Demon Prince Demonic 4 Male No Skarnoth's unique strain.
Demonic Dragon Draconic 4 Male No Ozeg's unique strain.
Destabilizing Mass Amorphous 3 Male No Destabilizing Mass enemies unique strain.
Destabilizing Mutant Amorphous 3 Male No Destabilizing Mutant enemies unique strain
Draco-Mantis Female Hybrid 3 Female No J'Reth?
Draco-Mantis Herm Hybrid 3 Both No J'Reth?
Draco-Mantis Male Hybrid 3 Male No J'Reth?
Dracovixentaur Hybrid 4 Both No One of Sam's unique strains.
Dragon Draconic 4 None No Orthas's unique strain
Dragon Android Draconic 3 None No Segis' unique strain
Dragontaur Draconic 4 Male No One of Sam's unique strains.
Ebonflame Dragator Draconic 4 Both No Ebonflame Dragator enemies unique strain.
Ebonflame Whelp Draconic 3 Both No Ebonflame Whelp enemies unique strain.
Elk Head Reaper Human-like 4 Varies No Elk Head Reaper enemies unique strain.
Elk Tribe Bull Cervine 4 Male No Elk Bull Fur Currently unimplimented
Elk Tribe Cow Cervine 4 Female No Elk Cow Fur Currently unimplimented
Elk Tribe Herm Cervine 4 Both No Elk Herm Fur Currently unimplimented
Elk Tribe Trans Bull Cervine 4 Female No Elk Trans Bull Fur Currently unimplimented
Elk Tribe Trans Cow Cervine 4 Male No Elk Trans Cow Fur Currently unimplimented
Enhanced Chimera Mutant 4 None No Enhanced Chimera enemies unique strain.
Feral Mutt Canine 3 Male No Feral Mutt enemies unique strain.
Frost Drake Draconic 4 Male No Frost Drake enemies unique strain.
Giant Anteater Male Vermiline 3 Male No Anthony's unique strain.
Gnome Humanoid 3 Male No Zerbo's unique strain.
Goat-Demon Demonic 4 Male No Krampus's unique strain.
Golden Retriever Male Canine 3 Male No Landon's unique strain.
Hentai Fan Mutant 3 None No Hentai Fan enemies unique strain.
Human Gangmember Human 3 Male No Human Gangmember enemies unique strain.
Human Martial Artist Human 3 None No Joshiro's unique strain.
Human Survivor Human No GitHub page?
Inflatable Orca Cetacean 4 None No
Jackal Guard Canine 3 Male No Jackal Guard enemies unique strain
Koballoon Draconic 2 Male No Koballoon enemies unique strain.
Lernean Hydra Stage One Mythical 5 Male No One of the Lernean Hydra's unique strains.
Lernean Hydra Stage Two Mythical 5 Male No One of the Lernean Hydra's unique strains.
Lernean Hydra Stage Three Mythical 5 Male No One of the Lernean Hydra's unique strains.
Malayan Tiger Male Feline 3 Male No Tiger Cop enemies unique strain.
Megakitty Feline 5 Female No Megakitty enemies unique strain.
Mismatched Chimera Mutant 3 Both No Mismatched Chimera enemies unique strain
Mutt Pack Canine 3 Male No
Naga Hybrid Serpentine 4 None No Serenity's unique strain.
Nemean Lion Feline 4 Male No Nemean Lion enemies unique strain.
Orc Boss Humanoid 4 Male No Boghrim's unique boss fight strain.
Peculiar Dragon Draconic Doran's unique strain.
Peculiar Summoner Peculiar Summoner enemies unique strain.
Red Fox Vulpine 3 None No Unused placeholder infection
Red Oni Oni 4 Male No Hayato's unique strain.
Retriever Male Canine 3 Male No Rex's unique strain.
Robed Cultist Human-like 3 Male No Unused enemy strain?
Royal Tiger Feline 3 Male No Ryousei's unique strain.
Sabre Kitty Feline Cannot find infection info
Sakura Sato Human 3 Femake No Special one-time enemy?
Scorched Mole Talpidine 4 Male No Unique enemy strain
Sea Lion and Orca Toys Hybrid 3 None No Unique enemy strain
Seraphim Warrior Celestial 3 Male No Gabriel's unique strain
Snow Bat Hybrid 3 Varies No Snow Bat enemies unique strain. Hybrid Feline-Bat.
Taurus Bovine 5 Female No Taurus enemies unique strain.
Vixentaur Vulpine 4 Female No One of Sam's unique strains.
Void Serpent Serpentine 4 Male No Void Serpent enemies unique strain.
Werewolf Lupine 3 Female No Werewolf enemies unique strain.