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An ice fox that resides in a den inside the frozen cave in the Urban Forest.


  1. All-Mother's Blessing:
  * Witness her talking to a pregnant lover to inform her that childbirth is a painful and difficult undertaking in this world and learn about the blessing of the All-Mother.
  * Go to the Zoo and retrieve a carambola fruit after defeating a tigertaur.
  * As Miyuki to recieve the All-Mother's Blessing, gaining +2 Stamina and causing all subsequent offspring to instantly teleport out of you when they're born (childbirth scenes are permanently changed).
  1. requests you to aid the animals in the arctic enclosure in the zoo
  * hunt for arctic enclosure
  * enter the area, and help the captured animals
  * defeat two tigertaurs
  * rewards you with the offer of becoming Miyuki's lifemate
  * adds snow rabbit's warren and snow fox enclosure to Miyuki's cave
  * new npc inhabitants of the cave have no interactions as of yet


  1. Herself
  2. The city
  3. Becoming an ice fox: gifts you a snow star, causing ice-fox transformations. One per day.
  4. Be blessed by her
  * gifts "All Mother's Blessing" feat, giving a permanent +2 Stamina bonus
  * causes births to be teleported outside your womb rather than being delivered traditionally.
  * No interaction as of yet with Dr. Medea
  1. Offer to help her with other things
  * starts her relevant quest