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Species: Ferret
Gender: Male
Location: Alex's Condo
Must be found?: Yes
Events: Meet Alex, Find Lorenda
Bring to Bunker?: No
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: Yes
Endings: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy, Furry


A mostly humanoid male with ferret-like ears and a long, sinuous tail. He has a twitchy animal nose with whiskers around it. He has a slightly rumpled suit on, still looking good despite his changes. He is a pleasant enough looking person who looks even better in those moments when he's not stressed or worried by his clients.


Alex can be found in the High Rise District through the Meet Alex event. Alex asks the player to help find his clients. Should the player refuse, they may later accept by visiting him in Alex's Condo.

  1. Search for the Find Lorenda event in the Red Light District. This requires passing a Perception check vs 17. The player can get a +5 bonus to this check by speaking with Lisa in the Porn Store.
  2. The player will encounter a fight with two Cock Cannons, or two random monsters if Humorous or Guy are banned. Upon any resolution of those two fights, the player is moved back to Alex's Condo.
  3. Darryl is the second target and can be found in the Smith Haven Mall's Atrium. Speak with either Rod or Ronda to be introduced. He's fine where he is, so the player must return to Alex to deliver the news.
  4. Lee is found in a Dirty Shack near the Beach Plaza. From the Plaza, move west, north, then west again to find him. The player may also ask Diego or the Priest in the Church north of the Beach Plaza for information on how to find Lee.
  5. The player must pass a 20+ charisma check or 22+ strength check to "rescue" Lee. If the player fails five times, they may return to Alex for info that gives a +5 bonus to convincing him. The player will be returned to Alex's Condo once Lee has been convinced or forced to leave.

Upon return with the client or with their status, the player is given one food and one water along with a game extension. Lorenda adds 24 hours, Darryl adds six, and Lee adds a day and six hours (two days twelve hours total).


Alex by canned (6cans)
  • Alex is available for sex after he moves his clients to a safe house (24 hours after rescuing Lee).
  • Sex with Alex is only specifically infectious if the player is on the receiving end. However, the brunch Alex serves after sex will infect the player with Ferret.
  • After the first brunch, the next 3 increase the player's charisma, intelligence and dexterity respectively. The last one causes the player to lose one stamina, however.
  • A player with full Ferret infection may enjoy special scenes with Alex.