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Species: Inflatable Vulpine
Gender: Female
Location: Porn Store
Must be found?: Yes
Events: Mouse Taur, Porn Store
Bring to Bunker?: No
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: No (special)
Endings: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Girl


A mouse taur. Her mouse-like body is six feet long and about three feet tall where it flows into the curvy form of a well built, mostly human, female. Her hands are somewhat paw like and she has whiskers and grand round ears. Besides that, she is human from the belly up, with enticing breasts that wobble with her motions for your eyes. Her entire form is covered in soft mouse grey fur, except for the end of the faint snout she has, twitching pinkly.


If the player find Lisa through the Mouse Taur event in the Red Light District, the Porn Store is revealed with no further fuss. If the player instead happens upon the Find Porn Store event, they will end up in a fight with a Tigress Hooker before the location is revealed.

Sven can be brought to the Porn Store, where he will turn into Sventlana

If the player brings Artemis with them to the porn store, they are given the option of fighting four succubi (or Red Kangaroos if hellspawn are banned) in exchange for a pair of feline-themed sex toys the Rubber Tigress has taken a liking to.

Lisa also has a carrot shaped dildo that is needed to complete a ritual with Sandra.


Sex with Lisa will gender shift the player towards female unless the player has the Male Preferred Feat. Having sex with Lisa with that feat adds additional content to her ending.