Tigress Hooker

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Tigress Hooker by Sharei
Tigress Hooker

Location: Red Light
Level: 5
HP: 55
Damage: 7
Loot: Motel Key
Target Gender: Herm
Endings?: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Hermaphrodite, Furry


Heat?: No

Author- Stripes

Danger Level: 5, Typical Environment: Red Light District


Leaning against a building is a striking female feline. She is wearing a skimpy outfit, a short top and even shorter skirt. This lets you see the soft orange tiger fur that covers her attractive body, rich with black stripes. Hir bosom and stomach have snowy, white fur that covers them. Her ears have large hoop earrings. Her long, black hair is held in a pony tail. Spotting you before you can move away, she flicks her cigarette aside and sizes you up quickly. "So honey, you lookin' for a little fun? For a little something, I'll show you a good time." As she steps up, you catch the edge of something extra making a bulge under her skirt. Clearly this tigress hooker is equipped to pleasure any client shi may find. And shi's found you!


  • Payment: Submitting to the Tigress Hooker will make you her client. Shi'll take a food/drink item from you and then sex you up as a client. Loss will result in her sometimes taking a payment (random chance based on libido). Sex results are different for submission and loss, and all take into account a lot of player characteristics. Failure to make a payment brings its own special scene.
  • The ending for this infection is completely tied into the status of the Motel Quest and Sgt Marks/Tiger Cop.


Author- https://github.com/Nuku/Flexible-Survival/tree/master/Stripes

Creature- https://github.com/Nuku/Flexible-Survival/blob/master/Stripes/Tigress%20Hooker%20For%20FS.i7x