Motel Quest

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Motel Quest

Quest Giver: Sgt Marks
Starting Event: Policeman
Event Area: High Rise District
Creator: Stripes

Flag Restrictions

Flags: Guy, Hermaphrodite, Furry
Sgt Marks is a tiger cop who is found through the Policeman event in the High Rise District. He offers to overlook the player's "looting" in exchange for help with a certain task.


First Encounter

  1. Travel to the High Rise District and locate the Tiger Cop ('Policeman' event). Accept his offer to begin the quest.
  2. Obtain 5 motel keys from Tigress Hookers located in the Red Light District.
  3. Return to Tiger Cop and hand them over to complete (hunt for the 'Policeman' encounter again).
  4. The player is automatically taken to the Police Car location where Sgt Marks asks the player to provide some extra muscle as he attempts to take over the Motel.
  5. Accepting his offer within 24 hours begins the next part of the quest.

Note: He will wait 24 hours for you to indicate that you want to go along before he goes by himself.

Nightstick weapon (DMG 6)
If the player does not accept within 24 hours, Sgt Marks leaves two cans of Pepper Spray along with a note for the player.

Tiger Cop 2: Motel Attack

Note: Successful or unsuccessful completion of this quest will end the game with major sex scenes. Only fleeing will continue the game (grants possible new ending scenarios).

  1. Speak to Sgt Marks at the Police Car and agree to accompany him to the motel.
  2. Fight your way through the upper motel rooms in quick succession, facing a trio of Tigress Hookers. The first fight is automatically evaded if you have the 'Stealth' Feat.
  3. Fight the powerful tigress matron.

Note: Players will the Kinky feat will have variant scenes available after each fight.

There are special end of game scenes for either winning all fights or losing any of them, with variations affected by 'Gender Preferred' feats.
Other special endings can be obtained if you successfully flee the Motel Attack fights and later end the game with a tigress hooker body.


Rejection of Sgt Marks's initial offer results in a fight with him and the introduction of the Tiger Cop enemy to the area.