Sandra (SP)

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Sandra by Trav
Sandra (SP)

Species: Bunny-Girl
Gender: Female
Must be found?: Yes
Events: Needy Rabbit Girl
Bring to Bunker?: Yes
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: Yes (special)
Endings: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Girl, Furry


A mostly human female, if you didn't count the rabbit ears, six breasts, and that cute little white tail that sways behind her. She is usually wearing a yellow blouse, jean jacket, and a long red skirt. Her feet are clad in sneakers, well worn.


Sanra is found through the Needy Rabbit Girl event found through Outside Exploration.

  1. The player must encounter the event once to start.
  2. The next time Sandra is found, they must pass a charisma check to engage her in conversation. If you agree to her request, you'll be taken to her den. If you don't she will leave her address for you.. Failing the check means this step must be repeated.
  3. If you're female, Sandra wants to be your "sister". After agreeing, she starts a ritual where you grow two rabbit ears and gain a point of Perception.
    1. Male and herm characters will instead have the option of having sex with Saundra, after which point she'll ask to move into the bunker as below without going through her quest. The quest can still be gained by talking with her.
  4. She asks next for a glob of goo, which can be found on Goo Girls in the sewers of the Smith Haven Mall. Upon returning with the goo, she performs another ritual which leaves the player with a rabbit tail and increases their dexterity by a point.
  5. To finish the ritual, Lisa needs something else, but doesn't know what. Go to the Porn Store in the Red Light District and speak with Lisa. She'll trade a carrot dildo to you in exchange for a bottle of water.
  6. When the player returns and gives Sandra the toy, she completes the ritual. The player gains an additional point of Dexterity and Stamina.

At this point, Sandra asks to move to the bunker. After moving, she is available for additional sex scenes as well as threesomes with various other inhabitants of The Grey Abbey Library.


  • While Sandra is not specifically infectious during sex, interacting with her will return the bunny ears and tail.
  • Sandra must be in the bunker if the player wishes to make Fang an Alpha (unless Girl is banned).