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Species: Coyote
Gender: Male, Female, Herm
Changes gender: Yes
Must be found?: No
Events: Prank Aftermath
Bring to Bunker?: No
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: Yes
Endings: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy, Girl, Hermaphrodite, Furry


A tan furred coyote like man is leaning up against the wall dividing the park from the rest of the city, he eyes you curiously as you approach the park, one of his ears flicking in amusement as a small smile plays across his muzzle.

Diego's appearance can change depending on how the player interacts with him.


Diego can be found in the Park. After a brief introduction, he introduces the player to the concept of tricking. Specifically, the player makes an intelligence check to attempt to trick Diego. If successful, Diego will go play some tricks on the military, delaying the rescue: a result of 13-17 on the check grants an extra 18 hours, a result of 18+ grants 2 days and 6 hours. Finding the book of riddles in the Central Library quest grants a permanent +2 bonus on trick attempts. Failure results in the loss of ten points of sanity. The player may attempt to trick Diego once per day.

In addition to a trick success, you can also give him food or bottles of water to extend the game by 12 hours each. Unlike the trick extension, this has no cooldown. If you desire, you can give him every water and food in your inventory in one extended donation session. You cannot give him dirty water, however.

After tricking Diego four times, the Prank Aftermath event is made available to showcase some of the Coyote's mischief. It can be found randomly during Outside Exploration.

Completing five tricks gives the player the option to give him Dog Milk. Upon drinking it, Diego will turn into a Hermaphrodite. A second milk will turn him fully female. As of a recent update it is possible to trick Diego into drinking a bottle of Orc Cum which will open up sex scenes for males. Results in (Coyote) infection but will gender shift you towards male. If you give Diego another bottle of Orc Cum he will gain the ability to be impregnated anally. Which also includes changes to his ending.

  * The two transformations are fully mutually exclusive. You cannot do 1 orc cum and 1 dog milk; when Diego starts in one direction, you can only give them more of that same substance

Completing five(?) tricks gives access to the hunting down hunter quest. This has you attempting to steal a heirloom taken by a betraying friend of his. The event is initiated upon a successful hunt in front of Grey Abbey Library, along with a perception check of 15. Diego suggests you infiltrate at night. If you do, upon passing the perception check, you will begin another sequence where you attempt to remove the collar from a husky bitch; this has a dexterity check of 16. A success leads to an immediate end of the quest. If you go at day, or if you fail the nighttime dexterity check, you have to fight Hunter, victory leading to the following player-chosen options.

  * 1) You've got the collar, just make a run for it!
     * Hunter shoots at you as you flee.
  * 2) Offer to free her and flee together.
     * The bitch is fully brainwashed however, and and you end up having to tear off the collar and escape while being shot at still.
  * 3) Just grab her and drag her off to be your slave bitch now.
     * The bitch resists, and you end up having to tear off the collar and escape without her, of course, while being a shooting target.
  * If you lose the fight or submit to Hunter, you end up getting fucked by Hunter while the bitch rides your face. After the sex scene, Hunter puts the collar around your neck, kicks you out, shoves the ladder off the wall as you leave (resulting in the loss of 30 hitpoints).
  * Every post-fight escape option leads to you being shot at; sometimes you take damage. < - not sure what causes it though - >

Upon successfully returning to Diego, he rewards you 5 sodas, 3 chips, and a thanks. He then asks if you want to try on the collar. If you decline, he expresses slight disappointment and the scene ends. If you accept, or if you lost to Hunter, Diego reveals that it makes the wearer obey completely. If you have a cock at this point, during the ensuing sex scene he asks you to "make this thing vanish, will you?" Your cock disappears, and upon the completion of the scene you are (forcefully) given the female preferred and always a pussy feats.

  * The reward text is almost entirely the same regardless of how you manage to approach the mission
  * The collar-sex scene with Diego is the same regardless of whether you beat Hunter and accepted Diego's invitation to try it on or if it was forced on you upon losing to Hunter.


The player encounters various other signs of Diego's trickery throughout the game, including Tiny Tim at Camp Bravo and a certain catapult load of spunk that can be found.

GitHub: https://github.com/Nuku/Flexible-Survival/blob/master/Sarokcat/Diego.i7x