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The city park, being a large, partially wooded area, has become a prime territory for many of the more animalistic creatures in the city. There is more variety here than in most part of the city.


Park Entrance, Park Trail, Shrine


  • Diego the coyote (Park Entrance)
  • Susan the doe (Main Quest: Unusual Creature event)
  • Coleen the soldier
  • Leonard the lion-man
  • Rane the blue oni (Warehouse Quest: Rooftop Rumble x3 -> Park Quest: Blue Oni -> Park Shrine)
  • Tanuki of the Shrine (Quest-giver)


East from the Park Trail leads into the Park hunting area.


(list not complete)

  • Abandoned Fox: You run into a pet Little Fox that you can take with you for 1 food. He can be used to show Janice that you care enough for foxes.
  • Blue Oni: Find Rane after completing the Rooftop Rumble quest in the Warehouse District
  • Consolidated: Keyword to activate multiple events that have been consolidated.
  • Destroyed Bushes: Discover puddles and hoofprints. Dirty whip can be found here, a weapon.
  • Dream of a Unicorn: (background)
  • fallen tree: 3x Cute Chinchilla Woman fight.
  • Feline Friend: Meet Leonard and discover Lion's Den
  • Felinoid Lair: Discover a felinoid lair. Can be encountered multiple times for different text. Causes multiple felinoid infections and increasing amounts of sanity loss each time.
  • Fox Hunt: (background)
  • Hitching Post: Picnic area. Submissive fun scenes!
  • How High: Meet a group of stallions sitting around smoking.
  • Lovers Bench: 2nd+ visit has individual scenes with pets.
  • Ominous hole: (background)
  • PeachTree: Parasitic Plant ambush. Obtain 3 Tasty Peach on victory.
  • Poke Trap: Chinchilla woman ambush.
  • Poppies field: Yes=Parasitic Plant encounter.
  • PridePark: Leonard situations.
  • Pure Pool: Protect an uncorrupted pool from two Wyverns (repeatable).
  • Scenic View: +10 Humanity
  • Smashed Hive: Bee Girl Pet Event.
  • Spiritual Love: Option to transform into spirit wolf (ends game).
  • Sweet Surprise: Acquire Honeycomb. Only available once Elijah is brought to the bunker.
  • Twisted Fruit Grove: Parasitic plant encounter.
  • Unusual Creature: Meet Susan the Doe part of Doctor Matt's Quests.
  • Womanfruit Tree: Discover Coleen stuck in a tree after seeing paratroopers blown off course during one of the Military Presence events.