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Species: Blue Oni
Gender: Male
Location: Park
Events: Rooftop Rumble, The Blue Oni
Bring to Bunker?: Yes
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: No

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy

Rane, appropriately dubbed the "Blue Devil" by many, is a male who has quickly developed quite the reputation in certain circles for being a powerful combatant who has apparently caught the unwanted attention of various shady groups. Unlike the majority of the infected, this one has seemingly mastered his appearance and is not driven purely by insane lust. He claims it is because he has accepted his inner desires that makes it possible for controlling them. It is also not yet known just how long he has been within the city, perhaps since the beginning or maybe only fairly recent. It is also unknown just what memories he may retain of his old life if any at all. What personality that currently exists may indeed be completely new.


Standing before you - and even posing a bit, as he notices your gaze on him - Rane the blue oni towers just over seven feet tall. He is clearly male, with taut muscles over his big, but still lithe and flexible body. Beginning at broad shoulders and strong arms, his body looks fit for a masterfully crafted statue, with well-defined pecs and an impressive eight-pack of abs. Below the abs, you see his only real piece of clothing - a white loincloth, held in place by a metal belt around his hips. Completing the inspection of his body, your gaze then wanders over his long, muscled and toned legs and ends up at the oni's feet with their claw-like nails.

Looking back up at Rane's handsome face, now bearing a teasing and seductive grin, you study the two long and slender horns emerging from his forehead. Still showing off a bit, the blue oni gives a television-worthy hair-toss that makes his partially braided, shoulder-length white hair cascade down and expose his pointy ears with their iron ring piercings. With a playful flash in his purple eyes, Rane adds in his most charming voice "Wanna get a touch too?"


Rane is first encountered through the Rooftop Rumble series of events found in the Warehouse District. These events will introduce the Blue Oni through a series of fights against various enemies. The first fight is against a Leopardman, which must be won for the events to continue. The second encounter puts the player up against a Human Gangmember, though the player may still lose or flee while still being able to proceed. Finding the event a third time leads to a fight with two Human Gangmembers. Players may lose this fight but not flee from it if they wish to continue. The player has the option to follow Rane to the Park at this point, or may find him at a later time by hunting for The Blue Oni at a later time.

Once Rane is met in the Park, he'll have a look at the player through a special mirror. He will refuse to associate with players who have made a pact with Hellhounds and will disappear from the game. Otherwise, both Rane and the player are moved to the Shrine in the Park. After further conversation, the player may choose to have sex with Rane, which brings up the option of bringing the Oni to The Grey Abbey Library.


GitHub: https://github.com/Nuku/Flexible-Survival/blob/master/Wahn/Rane.i7x