Hellhound Pact

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Hellhound Pact

Quest Giver: Hellhound
Starting Location: Beach Plaza
Requirements: Nighttime
Creator: Telanda Softpaw

Flag Restrictions

Off in an abandoned lot near the waterfront, the player can encounter a Hellhound who is willing to make a pact with the player. Sensing something about them, the fel hound offers to provide protection from the nanite infection, but at the price of accepting some of its dark influence. The foul beast's power will make the player human... mostly. This power will persist, countering any new infections and reverting the player back to their restored state.

The Fires of Hell

Location of Quest Start: Church of the Maternal Beast (north of the Beach Plaza)
Requirements: Nighttime
There's word of a strange, green lights around the beachfront at night. Dare you approach it? Shall you enter into the creature's dark pact?

To receive the gift:
  1. Proceed to the Beach Plaza and head north into the church.
  2. Read the notice inside the Church of the Maternal Beast to activate the quest.
  3. Return to the plaza, and then go southwest to the Public Beach, then north to the Dirty Sheds and north again to the Overgrown Block.
  4. If you have come there during the night (look watch), the Hellhound will be there.
  5. Do not leave the area and accept the offer. If you're a herm, you'll be given the option of either male or female.
  6. Optional: After your 'infection' progresses to the next stage (humanity of 33 or less), you may chose to return to the Overgrown Block at night to receive a special hellhound orgy scene, ending the game.
You now have the 'Hellhound' curse, which will cause you to always revert back to it after any infection, restoring you entirely. As your humanity drops, this form becomes increasingly canine and your journal will be destroyed, keeping you from preventing further degradation of your humanity. Screwed over by a deal with satanic forces? Surely not!
Provides special ending scenarios and access to special add-ons for various game ending scenarios.

The Hellhound Curse

  • Once awake in the bunker, player description will have them appearing totally human at first but sporting Hellhound genitals, a spiked collar and six nipples (female only).
  • Despite appearing human, the Abandoned Lot - Warehouse event will no longer function.
  • Upon infection genital measurements are reset to their starting values.
  • Once infected, your Libido will be maxed out at 100.
  • Once infected, any further infections will be reverted. This includes genital and pregnancy changes, but does not affect stat gain or loss.
  • If your Sanity is taken below 30 [exact number needs confirmation] at the end of a scene, your 'Curse' starts to manifest, your journal is set aflame and you are compelled to return to the Overgrown Block to meet again with the Hellhound.
  • Player physical aspects will now slowly change towards complete Hellhound.
  • Females will now have D cup breasts (up from B cup) and will now sport 8 breasts.
  • Females become instantly pregnant upon starting the transformation process. [needs confirmation]
  • If the players Sanity is artificially improved to be higher than 30, these changes will be removed and they will return to Humanhound transformation, but will still be without their journal.
  • If the players Sanity drops to 0, you get an end game message.
  • If you return to the Hellhound, you get an end game message.

Special Endings:

There are several variations or additions to the ending montage if you lose the game due to special circumstances while subject to the Hellhound curse.

They include the following:
  • Completion of the Motel Quest (win or lose).
  • Overdosing on Reindeer egg nog.
  • Joining the Bottlenose Toys during their Beach Party.
  • Lose yourself to lust while fucking James at the Central Library event.
  • Captured by the Harpies inside the Central Library event.
  • Join the chocolate lab pack after the Cameo event.
  • Becoming a plant creature during either 'Overgrown Garden' (Joanna) or 'Twisted Fruit Grove' event (Nermine's Rare Item Quest).
  • Submit to becoming the food vendor's sex slave for the Concession Stand event.
  • Losing all humanity at any point after entering the Mental Mouse nest at the 'Quiet Apartment Building' event.


Github: https://github.com/Nuku/Flexible-Survival/blob/5440758fa9bad088c8b978fe751ff00ae1fc6c90/Telanda%20Softpaw/Church%20of%20the%20Maternal%20Beast%20for%20FS.i7x