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Species: Kinkajou, Kinkajou-Plant hybrid
Changes species?: Yes
Gender: Female, Herm
Changes gender: Yes
Location: The Palomino, Flower Garden
Must be found?: Yes
Events: Dog Chase, Overrun Garden
Bring to Bunker?: No
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: Yes (varies)
Endings: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Hermaphrodite, Furry


If met at the club: Joanna is kinkajou woman with short, brown fur and long, brown hair. She's about five and a half feet tall and dressed in a loose, green shirt and black denim shorts. Looking something like a cross between a monkey and a ferret, she has a slender build, nimble paws and a tail nearly as long as she is tall. Her face has a cute smile on her short muzzle along with large, expressive eyes and round ears. The fur on her face is a darker, chestnut brown. She is dancing energetically among the crowd at the club, enjoying the nightlife.

If met in the Garden: Joanna is a plant-like kinkajou and is a little over five and a half feet tall. Her fur has become green and her feet end in roots and tendrils that wriggle in the soft soil. Her face fur and large, expressive eyes have become a vibrant red, a beautiful contrast to her verdant body. Her long hair remains and is green now as well and has lovely red flowers growing amongst it. Her slender tail is quite long, nearly as long as she is tall. As a plant, she remains nude to bask in the sun's light, wearing naught but a sun hat on the hottest of days. Her breasts are shapely globes and there are soft petals ringing her nipples[if hp of Joanna >= 5]. She certainly seems healthier, with lusher green hair with larger blossoms in it. Her breasts seems to have grown a bit as well[end if]. At her groin, she has a quartet of cock tendrils and a trio of wet, flowery cunts beneath them.


The player may meet Joanna through the Dog Chase event discovered through Outside Exploration. If the player decides to help her, the Dog pursuing her is driven off without a fight. She will reveal the location of The Palomino if the player does not already know it. Choosing to ignore her plight here has no special effect.

The player may also encounter Joanna through the Overrun Garden event in the High Rise District. Joanna is being attacked by a Parasitic Plant of unusual size (several levels higher than the standard plant encountered in the Park, who the player may choose to fight in order to save her. If successful, Joanna is turned into a Kinkajou-Plant hybrid, but survives the encounter and remains in the Flower Garden location. If the player chooses to ignore her or flees the fight, Joanna is removed from the game. If the player loses the fight, it's an instant game over.

Joanna has a variety of sex scenes available once she becomes a plant and is not infectious unless the player has acquired the Parasitic Plant infection. After Joanna notices the player's infection, she will be infectious thereafter in sex scenes with her. After enough sex, she wants the player to carry her seed and help it grow. Sex with her will shift the player character's gender to multi-genitaled hypersized herm regardless of whether she's infectious or not.


  • Joanna may only be encountered in the Palomino when the player is level 8 or below. Afterward, she is available only in the Flower Garden.
  • Joanna has separate sex scenes in the Palomino, before she is transformed.
  • Both her Gender and Species change as a result of the events in Overrun Garden.