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Species: Jackal
Gender: Female
Location: Smith Haven Mall
Must be found?: No
Events: Strangeshop
Bring to Bunker?: No
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: No (special)
Endings: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Girl, Furry

Nermine runs the Myserious Shop in the mall which is the focus of many of the more arcane and mystical quests in the game. If the player finds themselves or their friends affected by an issue that seems to lack a mundane solution, she is often the person to see.


You spot what must be the store owner, her strange countenance making you blink several times in surprise. Leaning up against the store counter next to the register is a lovely Female Jackaless, her soft black fur shining softly as she is framed in the soft light from the candles on the counter. The rather Anubis like figure seems to be currently dressed in a rather loose fitting white t-shirt and a very short black skirt, as she leans forward on the counter, her face is brushed with soft swirls of silver paint as she grins at you.


The strangeshop event in Outside Exploration will take the player directly to Nermine's shop, if the Smith Haven Mall has yet to be discovered. Otherwise, she is found in the northern part of the western wing of the mall; the event can still happen, but Nermine will simply be surprised to see the player enter via the back door.

Nermine's two main quests are the Rare Item Quest and the Helper Quest, which bestow the Jackalman and Jackalboy permanent infections respectively. Sex with Nermine is only available after finishing one or the other, with Jackalman putting the player in the dominant role and Jackalboy putting the player in the submissive role.

  • Doctor Mouse will have the player retrieve an item from Nermine during the Hospital Quest.
  • Nermine can help the player find a cure for Doctor Utah's Wereraptor curse.
  • Players seeking to unleash Hayato must retrieve a Noh Mask from the College Campus for Nermine.
  • During the Stables Quest, the player will visit Nermine several times.
  • Players who have turned Ronda into a Slut Rat will be asked by Rod to talk to Nermine about helping to get his girlfriend back.
  • Giving Nermine a Demon Tooth unlocks the quest to gain the Demon Brute pet.


  • Sex with Nermine is not infectious, but to have sex with her, one must have acquired one of the permanent infections above.
  • Players with either permanent infection may speak with Nermine to have it removed. She will not be pleased and will not offer to restore the infection later. Sex options are removed.