Hospital Quest

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Hospital Quest

Quest Giver: Doctor Mouse
Starting Location: Hospital
Requirements: Main Storyline Pt 1*
Bonus Time: 10 days (max)
Creator: Stripes

Flag Restrictions

Flags: Guy, Girl, Hermaphrodite, Furry

The next major story arc to the game centers around a friendly, if mysterious, doctor at the City Hospital, going by the name of Doctor Mouse. Transformed by the infection into a short, albino mouse, he's trying his best to analyze the infection from a medical standpoint, but his research is limited by the technological nature of the nanites. Exerting at least some level of control over the creatures populating the Hospital, he is gathering what samples he can, but he needs the player's assistance with certain tasks.

NOTE: This story arc will begin automatically 24 hours after Main Storyline Pt 1 is completed by a scene containing the hospital's rescue helicopter. When playing in a game mode that does not contain Doctor Matt (Forgotten or Hard Mode), the game will automatically progress to opening this quest 24 hours after the game has begun. The various parts of this quest which tie back in to Dr. Matt and Trevor Labs are somewhat different under these conditions, and will be noted below.

Hospital Quest: Stage 1 - Getting Started

The initial portion deals with learning that something's happening at the hospital and setting up Dr. Mouse so he can properly analyze the nanites, as he currently lacks the proper equipment to investigate an inherently technological disease with only medical equipment at his disposal.

Hospital 1: Wild Kingdom Hospital?

Location of Quest Start: Anywhere/Automatic
Requirements: Completing Main Storyline Pt 1 for Dr. Matt / Wait if playing w/o Dr. Matt
Eight turns after completing Dr. Matt's request to bring the intersexed doe to him (and completing that for either outcome), you will get an automatic scene with some of the infected hospital staff carrying off a KO'd husky girl. If playing in Forgotten/Hard Mode, the scene will play out automatically after 8 turns.

  1. Wait 8 turns after completing the last task for Dr. Matt / starting game w/o Dr. Matt.
Extends game by 12 hours. Opens searching for the Hidden Lab at the Hospital. Begins the Dr. Mouse / Dr. Matt quest chain.

Hospital 2: Finding a Way in

Location of Quest Start: City Hospital
Requirements: Witness the 'Wild Kingdom Hospital?' mini-scene
There are lights on upstairs at the hospital, but barricades and locked doors bar your way. You'll have to explore to learn your way around.

  1. Go to the City Hospital.
  2. Explore the hospital until you find at least 3 of the locations which help you navigate.
  3. Explore the hospital and find an open stairwell (50% chance to be open or barricaded).
  4. Successfully search for 'Finding a Way in'. If you have found enough to gain access, you will proceed. If not, it will tell you to keep exploring.

NOTE: There are currently 6 locations available which increase progress through the hospital: Pharmaceutical Storage, Ambulance Dock, Operating Room, Maternity Ward, Radiology & Pathology. Any of these found before starting the Hospital Quest still count.

Meet Doctor Mouse and opens the locked stairwell to his lab. Automatically unlocks the next portion: Heavy Lifting

Hospital 3: Heavy Lifting

Location of Quest Start: Doctor Mouse (Hidden Lab at Hospital)
Requirements: Complete the 'Finding a Way in' portion
Dr. Mouse's research is limited by his equipment. Get him an advanced scanner from Trevor Labs.

  1. Go to the Primary Lab at Trevor Labs
  2. Automatically take the scientific device.
  3. Tell Doctor Matt about Dr. Mouse, or not. Telling Dr. Matt earns you an additional game extension [+1 day].
  4. Bring the 10 lbs device to Dr. Mouse.
healing booster (x2), a water bottle (x1) and a game extension [+18 hours]. Unlocks the next quest: Doggy! after an 8-turn delay.

Hospital Quest: Stage 2 - More Samples?

Hospital 4: Doggy!

Location of Quest Start: Dr. Mouse (Hidden Lab at Hospital)
Requirements: Wait 8 turns after completing the 'Heavy Lifting' portion
Special Note: This quest and all subsequent Hospital content is locked if any of 'girl', 'guy', 'hermaphrodite' or 'furry' content is banned.
Dr. Mouse is now ready to resume his research into the nanites and wants more samples. The Jaguars are scared of the big, bad doggy and so he needs to you deal with hir.

  1. Obtain a sample of 'dog milk' from the Shemale Smooth Collie.
  2. Bring the sample back to Dr. Mouse and talk to him.
You are given a game extension [+18 hrs]. Return after a 12-turn delay to earn a stamina boost of 2 and unlock the next quest: Kitty!.
NOTE: Version 2 of Vixen Nurse (herms) will start appearing upon completion of this portion of the quest.

Hospital 5: Kitty!

Location of Quest Start: Dr. Mouse (Hidden Lab at Hospital)
Requirements: Wait 12 turns after completing the 'Doggy!' quest
The rubber tigresses at the State Fair snatch up any jaguars he sends there to be mates, so he wants you to try to get the three samples he needs instead.

  1. Go to the State Fair. Yee-haw!
  2. Obtain three samples of 'Tiger patch' from the Rubber Tigresses.
  3. Bring the samples back to Dr. Mouse and talk to him.
No reward but more work for the moment. Automatically unlocks the next quest: Museum Raid

Hospital 6: Museum Raid

Location of Quest Start: Dr. Mouse (Hidden Lab at Hospital)
Requirements: Complete the 'Kitty!' quest
Dr. Mouse will work on the samples he has, but has more tasks for you while he does so. There are some prehistoric life walking around, restored by the infection. Being a great scientific opportunity, Dr. Mouse wants samples. Oh, and can you pick up a package for him at one of the shops at the Mall? The jaguars upset the mall rats somehow.
To do in any order or concurrently:

0. Optional: Talk to Rod and Ronda about the jaguars at the Smith Haven Mall. Talk to Valerie about the jaguars at the Museum. Background dialog and tips.

Part A: Sabretooth

  1. Obtain a sample of 'Chipped tooth' from a Sabretooth at the Museum.
  2. Optional: Get a sample of it for Dr. Matt as well.
  3. Bring the sample back to Dr. Mouse and talk to him.

Part B: Triceratops

  1. Go to the Museum.
  2. Search for the dinosaur nest.
  3. Dance-fight the Triceratops to obtain the lava lamp.
  4. Optional: Let Dr. Matt have a chance to examine the lava lamp before handing it over to Dr. Mouse.
  5. Bring the lava lamp back to Dr. Mouse and talk to him.

Part C: Strange Package

  1. Go to the Mysterious Shop (west from the Mall Atrium).
  2. Talk to Nermine, discussing Dr. Mouse's package and her price.
  3. Go to the Museum.
  4. Search for the Viking Longboat.
  5. Fight the Wolverine Guard doing security.
  6. Snag the gemstones and run for it!
  7. Bring the gems to Nermine in exchange for the package.
  8. Optional: Let Dr. Matt have a chance to examine the package before handing it over to Dr. Mouse.
  9. Bring the package back to Dr. Mouse and talk to him.
For completing all three tasks for Dr. Mouse, you are given a medkit and a game extension [+24 hrs] to start.
You will obtain a magical viking spear (dmg 9) if you successfully escape the collapsing boat in Part C (requires Dexterity check).
If all optional goals for Dr. Matt are met, you will be given a 'Personal Infection Status Monitor' (PISM) which displays your current infections.
Return to Dr. Mouse after a 16-turn delay to earn the 'Rapid Healing' Feat in payment.
Unlocks the finale: Little Perv and Removing the Competition after an additional 12-turn delay after gaining the feat.
NOTE: The Jaguar Orderlies will receive enhancements once Part A (HP/dmg/level) and Part B (HP) are completed.

Hospital Quest: Stage 3 - Dark Intentions

After doing all of this work of Dr. Mouse, signs of his dark intentions start to become more apparent. The hospital creatures have been becoming more threatening with enhancements related to those you've obtained. And now that things are coming to a head, the doctor has a sinister request to make of you.

Hospital 7: Little Perv

Location of Quest Start: Dr. Mouse (Hidden Lab at Hospital)
Requirements: Wait 12 turns after getting your feat reward after completing the 'Museum Raid' quest
You and Dr. Mouse are interrupted as the jaguars bring in the captured pink raccoon. He's been a bit of a pest in the mouse's orderly hospital and he'll have no more of it.

  1. Decide the final fate of the pink raccoon.
Removal of the Raccoon creature from the Hospital's hunting area.
Obtain the Pink Raccoon pet or gain the NPC Candy at the bunker.
Leads automatically to the final quest: Removing the Competition

Hospital 8: Removing the Competition

Location of Quest Start: Dr. Mouse (Hidden Lab at Hospital)
Requirements: Starts immediately after 'Little Perv'
Dr. Mouse has a proposal for you. An offer you can't refuse. Take out the competition by infecting Dr. Matt!
Note: If playing in Forgotten/Hard/Researcher Mode, Dr. Mouse will instead ask to you steal the feat machine from the empty Trevor Labs.

  1. Agree or refuse to do the deed. If you refuse, fight a pair of orderlies and then the little mousey!
  2. If you agree, go to see Dr. Matt at Trevor Labs, or if stealing machine, go straight to the room to automatically obtain it. After obtaining the machine Dr. Mouse will take over the volunteer command and you will gain the 'Physical Booster' Feat. No game extensions will be awarded.
  3. Go through with the dirty deed or choose to tell Dr. Matt of the mad mouse's plans. If you go through with it, fight Orthas!
    Bonus: If Susan is in the lab, the fight and success/loss scenes will be different.
    Special: If you fight and beat Orthas without Susan at the lab, you now have an opportunity to keep the Husky Bunny for yourself.
  4. If you talk to Dr. Matt, he'll ask you to Dr. Mouse to deal with him instead.
  5. Return to Dr. Mouse. He'll attempt to call some orderlies, then you can fight the wimpy little mousey!
  6. Face the consequences of victory or failure to any of these fights. Numerous outcomes and endings!
Rewards for siding with Dr. Matt:
Regardless of the outcome, you are given the 'Mental Booster' feat, granting +2 to the three mental stats. The Hidden Lab will become locked.
If you win against Dr. Mouse, you will also steal his notes and Dr. Matt will be able to bestow new feats upon you.
Unlocks the Main Storyline Pt 2 quest series.
Rewards for siding with Dr. Mouse:
Regardless of the outcome, he will take over the gain the volunteer command
Given the 'Physical Booster' feat, granting +2 to the three physical stats.
After fighting Orthas, you'll earn a big game extension [+2 days, 12 hours] if you fail, or a huge one [+7 days] for victory.
If present, Susan will follow you to the Hidden Lab regardless of the fight outcome.
If you win against Orthas, Dr. Mouse will be able to bestow new feats upon you and the infection terminal will be moved to his lab.
Special: If you win against Orthas w/o Susan being there, you can choose to keep the huskybunny for yourself, placing Sally in the bunker at the cost of not receiving the game extension.
Unlocks the Hospital Quest Pt 2 quest series.
Further Rewards:
Special scenes will play for the various fight outcomes. Special end of game scenes for survival will be added to the player's ending montage. The succumb endings for the hospital staff creatures (Raccoon, Vixen Nurse, Jaguar) will vary considerably based on the completion level and choices made in the Hospital quest and the final fight.