Pink Raccoon

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Pink Raccoon by Hickory (uniformvixen)
Pink Raccoon

Species: Raccoon
Gender: Male
Level: 2
Dexterity: 14
Damage: 4
Event Location: City Hospital
Event Name: **
Sex With Pet?: True
Infection Strain: Raccoon
Target Gender: Male

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy, Girl, Hermaphrodite, Furry


The pink coonboi has soft, gray fur with pink highlights and pink rings around his tail. He looks at you with mindless adoration, now a loyal and obedient pet and plaything.


The taming of the pink raccoon is one of two options presented to you during the final stages of the Hospital Quest. When Doctor Mouse presents the Raccoon creature you've been encountering in the Hospital to you, you are given two options. Accepting to give the Raccoon the injection will turn him into a mindlessly loyal pet, while refusing allows the coon to accompany you to the bunker as Candy.


  • If you proceed directly to refusing Doctor Mouse's final request when the Hospital Quest is coming to a close, the pink raccoon will be waiting outside the City Hospital for you once that content's resolved with different scenes depending on how it's resolved.
  • Sex with the pink raccoon is infectious with the Raccoon strain. Unlike Candy, the pink raccoon will be open to sex with a player of any gender.
  • The pink raccoon has ending interactions with a Raccoon player and a Trash Coon player. Surviving players will also receive interactions for having Alex's Ferret infection, for having the Siren infection, with Denise the Gryphoness, with Philip and with Sven.
  • The pink raccoon has a special scene while your companion when the Lovers Bench event in the Park is encountered for the second time.