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Candy by Hickory (uniformvixen)

Species: Raccoon
Gender: Male
Location: City Hospital
Must be found?: Yes
Events: Hospital Quest
Bring to Bunker?: Yes
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: Yes
Endings: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy, Furry

Author- Stripes


The pink raccoon, now going by the name of Candy, is staying peaceably in the bunker. His fur is a light grey with pink highlights. His raccoon mask is pink, as are the stripes on his body and tail. The raccoon has an effeminate body with a tight ass and slender figure. He's sewed his candy striper uniform and is happily prancing around in it, looking quite cute. Watching him, you do notice that he's found some lace-trimmed panties to add to his ensemble, keeping him from completely showing when he sashays around. He's largely keeping himself out of trouble, though occasionally seems to revert to more primal needs and [if hp of Sven is 10]coaxes your feline pet into some more playtime[otherwise]masturbates furiously until the room smells of cotton candy from his sweet cum[end if]. You find yourself unsure if he's succumbed to the nanites or not, but he's here now and you will just hope for the best for the moment.


Candy is found as part of the Hospital Quest. The player is given the option to turn him into a pet or to take him as he is, leading him back to the bunker.


  • If you are in possession of Velos you can bring him out to have a chat with him.
  • Urik will make an attempt to turn Candy into the new orc breeders cocksleeve you are given an option to allow him or to stop him.
  • Candy will mess around with Sven if hes on the slut path, opening the two of them up for a threesome.
  • If you have made Fang into the alpha then there is a chance candy will decide he would like a go at the big bad wolf.
  • You may allow Carl to spend some quality time with candy but you can also let him know to keep it on the down low after.


Gender values for Candycoon infection:

  • # of cocks: 1
  • cock length: 6
  • ball size (cock width): 4
  • # of breasts: 0
  • breast size: 0
  • # of cunts: 0
  • cunt length: 0
  • cunt width: 0


Prior to getting him as either a pet or bunker guest, Candy shows up in the City Hospital as an enemy

Ideas of Potential Growth

To be added later