Main Storyline Pt 2

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Main Storyline Pt 2

Quest Giver: Doctor_Matt
Starting Location: Trevor Labs: Primary Lab
Requirements: Hospital Quest
Creator: Stripes

Flag Restrictions

The main story arc to the game centres around Doctor Matthew Salacious, A.K.A. Doctor_Matt and his research into the strange transformations plaguing the city. Safely protected in his containment suit and guarded by the powerful dragon, Orthas, he labours away inside Trevor Labs. This portion of the main storyline of the game follows after the completion of the Hospital Quest after siding with Dr. Matt. This second portion is currently incomplete.

NOTE: This story arc is unavailable when playing in Forgotten or Hard Mode game modes, as Dr. Matt is not in those modes.

Main Storyline Pt 2 - Sub-Contracting

Step 1 - Supplies

With the ongoing issues and delays caused by the escalating problems within the city, it seems food and water are starting to run low for the scientist. He wants you to bring more supplies to help ensure they're well-stocked.
Requirements: Complete the Hospital Quest by siding with Dr. Matt. Do not possess the 'Automatic Survival' feat.

  1. Wait 2 days after gaining your reward from Dr. Matt for the Hospital Quest.
  2. Talk to Dr. Matt to learn about his supply needs.
  3. Gather food and water (6 of each) to bring to Dr. Matt.
  4. Bring the supplies to Dr. Matt all at once or as they're gathered. Once he's received enough in total, he'll give you your reward.
You are given a free basic feat of your choice.
Makes the next portion, 'Map Questing', available.

Step 2 - Map Questing

With the difficulties the soldiers in the city have been having, the military finds themselves needing more information on safe routes and locations within the city. Dr. Matt wants you to map the city.
Requirements: Complete the 'Supplies' portion.

  1. Talk to Dr. Matt once again. Receive directions to locate 50% of nav points in the game.
  2. Receive an assessment of the number of presently known nav points and your percent completion.
  3. Go out into the world and explore/hunt until enough are known. You will need to meet NPCs and/or start quests to open their locations.
  4. Return to Dr. Matt to recheck you completion level until enough is known.
Receive a sum of free credits (money) equal to 100 + 4 * # of known nav rooms.
Makes the next portion, 'More Heavy Lifting', available.

Step 3 - More Heavy Lifting

Seeking to arrange an information exchange with Zephyr, Dr. Matt sends you to them to complete the transaction... but they want a favour done first.

  1. Dr Matt asks you to go to deliver an item to Larissa in Zephyr Lobby.
  2. Then Larissa will give you a task to place nanite density monitors (20lbs) in 4 places: entrance to the red light district, beach, park, and High Rise District. Type "hunt detector site" when at the right spots.
  3. Once you're done, talk with Larissa and Dr. Matt, who will then ask you to wait a day until he's done researching.
Makes the next portion, 'Pediatrics Clinic', available.

Step 4 - Pediatrics Clinic

Dr. Matt has a quick errand for you: locate the Pediatrics Clinic and get as much information you can from Doctor Medea.

  1. If you do not already know where the Clinic is hunt for 'pediatrics lobby' in the Outside hunting area, when you're there go north twice and Medea will be there.
  2. Talk with her and she will ask you to find some supplies for her. Hunt for 'Abandoned Truck' in the Outside hunting area, then give to her what you found.
  3. Talk with her about Dr. Matt's request. She will ask you to get supplies from the Veterinary Hospital in the High Rise District. (hunt 'Veterinary Hospital'; chance of fight!)
  4. Talk with her about Dr. Matt's request again, then once more. This will initiate a fight with a Pregnant Panda Woman. After winning stay or wait outside for the Panda to give birth.
  5. Deliver the notes to Dr. Matt.
Receive an upgrade to your PISM, which allows you to see your heat cycle's and/or pregnancy's status and duration.

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