Mysterious Shop

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There is a mysterious shop at the Smith Haven Mall, with dark and mystical objects and a dark and mystical owner.


Mysterious Shop



There is no hunting area immediately attached to the mysterious shop, though it does connect to the Mall.


Introduction Event

  • If a player encounters the Strangeshop event while Outside the player will begin being chased by an angry mob of monsters, only to be saved by a Shadowy Figure! You will then be brought into the Mysterious Shop by what is revealed to be Nermine.

Hospital Quest

  • Doctor Mouse will eventually send the player to the mysterious shop at the Mall to finish a transaction he'd started with Nermine as part of the Hospital Quest. Talking to Rod and Ronda about this will give some flavour text. Nermine will end up sending the player off to the Museum to find a Viking Longboat (Museum event) to steal the gems from the dragon figurehead as payment for an ancient object. Showing this object to Doctor Matt before handing it over will shed some light on the contents, but raise new questions for the rational scientist.

Stables Quest

  • As part of the Stables Quest, you will be asked by Fancy to get some stuff from Nermine, who will make another request of you.

Nermines Quests

  • Helper Quest (Jackalboy)
  • Rare Item Quest (Jackalman)
  • The Player may undo their transformation by talking with Nermine at any stage before they achieve full mutation

Bargain Bin

For the price of a bottle of water and a food, the player may 'sort or hunt bargain' to find a random object. They will find one of many random items, resulting in a mini-scene. Sometimes positive benefits occur, sometimes negative ones. Though in many cases, with Repeatable variants. It is possible to exhaust the bargain bin by using it enough times. The following may be found within the bargain bin:

  • Modern Book 2: Player discovers a seductive Pets and Slaves Training Manual! +Good Teacher feat Repeatable variant causes increased libido and large sanity loss.
  • Nasty Bite: Player receives a nasty bite from inside the bin! +Player receives payment back, with interest!
  • Plastic Bag: Player can choose to return a plastic bag to Nermine! Yes: +Player receives payment back, with interest! No: +4-6 Random Items
  • Pocket Watch: Player discovers an old fashioned watch! +2 Days game time
  • Rolled Parchment 1: Player discovers the recipe for some awesome Sugar Cookies! [no known affect]
  • Rolled Parchment 2: Player discovers the meaning of life! [no known affect]
  • Rolled Parchment 3: Player discovers notes on How To Please Your Dragon! [no known affect]
  • Rolled Parchment 4: Player discovers the recipe for Chili Con Carne! [no known affect]
  • Rolled Parchment 5: Player discovers the Declaration Of Independence! No wait... [no known affect]
  • Rolled Parchment 6: Player discovers a rather steamy letter! [no known affect]
  • Rolled Parchment 7: Player discovers a hauntingly pretty drawing! [no known affect]
  • Rolled Parchment 8: Player discovers an Insightful Intellectual Discourse! [no known affect]
  • Rolled Parchment 9: Player discovers an Aerial Warfare Plan for World Domination! [no known affect]
  • Rolled Parchment 10: Player discovers a Color Coded Map of the City! +City Map feat
  • Sparkling Jewelry: Player discovers some Very Shiny Jewelry! +Magpie Eyes feat Repeatable variant +1 Perception
  • Shiny Rock: Player discovers a curious shiny rock! +'Skin Feels Tougher'. Gain hitpoints equal to your stamina score.
  • Strange Charm: Player discovers silver canine cock charm! +Horny Bastard feat
  • Primitive Idol: Player discovers an odd old idol, but instead meets Horguth the Changeable! +Mutable feat
  • Familiar Case: Player receives a medkit!
  • Rubber Toy: Player discovers a rubber tiger toy and pops it, how careless! +Complete Transformation into rubber tiger Does not affect genitals
  • Silver Necklace!: Player discovers a breathtaking silver necklace! +1 Charisma
  • Strange Radio: Player can choose to use a military emergency radio beacon! Use: -3 days game time or +2 days game time
  • Small Charm: Player discovers a Small, Curious Charm that looks like they do! +Like Attracts Like feat, if you already have that feat, receive Kinky feat instead. If you already have both, receive a large drop to sanity score.
  • Small Vial: Player discovers something wonderful, Alice's 'Drink Me!' Vial! -Hunger -Thirst Multiple uses grant +Spartan Diet feat
  • Soft Toy: Player chooses to keep a strange doll, a miniature ditto! Yes: +Pet: strange doll No: - items refunded
  • Doll Sized Pack: Player discovers a doll equipment pack for their miniature self! +1 strange doll Dexterity
  • Square Box: Player discovers a Brain Teasing Chinese Puzzle Box! +2 Intellect
  • Strange Compass: Player discovers a Disorienting Compass! +Player is teleported to a random location
  • Strange Feeling: Player attacked by a random enemy, stopped by Nermine! [no known affect]
  • Strange Item: Player receives 1 random item and 1x dirty water!
  • Tangled Strap: Player discovers a weight negating belt pouch! +50lbs carry weight (Strong Back feat) Repeatable variant: no effect
  • Travel Pouch: Player receives Doctor Matt Quest Pack! + 1x bottle of water, 2x gryphon milk, 2x glob of goo
  • Unusual Collar: Player receives a Submissively Sexual Sexpet Collar! +Submissive feat unless Player already has Dominant feat.
  • Cloth Armband: Player receives a Red Cross armband, gain Expert Medic feat
  • Small Pill: Player swallows a small pill, +2 Strength, -1 Intelligence, -5 Sanity Repeatable
  • Hand Mirror: Player accidentally breaks it, gains Bad Luck feat
  • Romance Novels: Player finds a collection of jackal romance novels. Returned to Nermine for a refund plus interest and possibly the Dominant feat (needs testing)
  • Cat Charm: Felinoid infection on random body part and +1 Dexterity.
  • Funeral Urn: Player finds an old funeral urn that Nermine says is bad luck. She takes it back and gives you a kiss to counter any remaining bad luck (increase score by 5 points).
  • Advice: Nermine gives you some advice instead- get either 20 XP or a free feat!