Main Storyline Pt 1

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Main Storyline Pt 1

Quest Giver: Doctor Matt
Starting Location: Trevor Labs: Primary Lab
Bonus Time: 8 days, 15 hours
Creator: NukuV

Flag Restrictions

The main story arc to the game centers around Doctor Matthew Salacious, A.K.A. Doctor Matt and his research into the strange transformations plaguing the city. Safely protected in his containment suit and guarded by the powerful dragon, Orthas, he labors away inside Trevor Labs. Upon finding him, you learn about the nanite infection and that he's in contact with the military, who want his analysis of the nanites to assist them. As quite possibly the only scientist in the city, his findings could be invaluable and may be your only way out of this situation with anything resembling your humanity intact. He sends you back out into the city to run errands for him to help in his research.

NOTE: This story arc is blocked when playing in Forgotten or Hard Mode game modes, as Dr. Matt is not in those modes. The game will instead automatically progress to opening the next section, Hospital Quest, and you will not have the option of following the story arc for Dr Matt's research.

Main Storyline Pt 1 - Research

Step 1 - Samples

Bossy Dr. Matt is looking for some samples to advance his research. Go fetch them.

  1. Locate Trevor Labs and make your way up to the Primary Lab to speak with Doctor Matt. (Gain 2 days)
  2. He'll request you go out and find samples of Gryphon Milk and Glob of Goo, two of each. Hermaphrodite Gryphons can be found through Outside Exploration (such as right outside of Trevor Labs), as well as in numerous events. The Goo Girls can be found in the Smith Haven Mall (enter the mall restroom and select "down" to explore in the sewers). If your flags block either or both of these creatures, Dr. Matt will credit you for the samples automatically.
  3. Bring the samples back to Dr. Matt and let him perform his analysis. (Gain 15 hours)
  4. Optional: Help Orthas with something. See Guard Duty below.
  5. Return after 24 hours or more to talk to Dr. Matt about his research. (Gain 3 days)
Talking to Dr. Matt to start this quest also opens up the volunteer command for gaining Feats. You are granted feats at the rate of 1 per 3 levels.
Gain a total of 5 days and 15 hours (45 turns) as the steps progress.
The microwave available for use, which can sterilize dirty water and various other items into safe food and drink.
The 'Microwaved' feat is now available when volunteering.
Automatically unlocks the next portion of this quest, Live Sample.

Optional 1 - Guard Duty

Oh Eggy-egg! We stand on guard for thee. (Creator: Khabi)

  1. After dropping off the samples with Dr. Matt, Orthas will stop you as come back down the stairs. She'll ask to speak to you about something. Refusing will delay the start of this quest and she'll ask again each time you come back down from visiting Dr. Matt.
  2. Orthas tells you more about herself before asking a favor of you. She wants to 'take care of something in the basement' and needs you to stay on watch. If you refuse at this point, this side-quest is ended.
  3. Accepting to stay on guard, you'll be attacked by two random 'Outside' monsters trying to break into the labs. It seems Orthas has a rather busy job guarding.
  4. After the fights are done, regardless of outcome, Orthas returns upstairs unsuccessful and all hot and bothered. Agreeing will result in hot dragoness sex, possibly with eggy fun.
Agreeing to have sex with Orthas after she emerges opens her up for more eggy sex afterwards.
Bringing her some Demon Seed as a female player will allow Orthas to be inseminated so you can receive her egg.
Completing this quest may affect later scenes at the end of the Hospital Quest as well as the ending montage.

Step 2 - Live Sample

This will automatically begin upon completion of Samples above, after which Doctor Matt will request assistance in locating a live sample. An inter-sexed, but peaceful, creature from the Park area. Pffft! Not much to go on, is it? You've seen enough of those things with both sets of genitalia already! Gah!

  1. Complete Samples to begin.
  2. Travel to the Park and start searching for the 'Unusual Creature' event.
  3. Upon finding her, you can choose to grab her (bad option) or console her (good option). If you do neither, you'll either automatically fuck her (male/herm w/libido > 50 - good option) or wait for her to get over herself and come along (bad option). You will automatically return to the Primary Lab with Susan the doe in tow.
  4. Talk to Dr. Matt and Susan to complete. If you took a 'good option', Susan will ask you to become her mate. Consenting will start infecting you with the 'doe' strain (good option). Refusing, being female or possessing the 'Female Preferred' or 'One Way' Fun Feats are considered 'bad options' at this point (the later only if you possess a penis that's larger than what she'll accept). If you selected a 'bad option' at any point through this, Susan will instead run away. Either is valid depending on your end goals.
  5. Speak with Dr. Matt again after dealing with Susan to finalize completion. Doing so will start the countdown for the Hospital Quest to begin.
  6. Optional: Speak with Orthas (if Guard Duty has been completed) to open her next optional task: Mementos.
Gain an additional 3 days worth of time upon first speaking to Dr. Matt after Susan's brought in.
If you accepted Susan as your mate, you can now fuck Susan whenever you like. Infectious w/doe strain.
If she does not remain, she will instead return to the Park and succumb to the infection, becoming the Deer monster.
Whether or not she is saved will affect a few scenes slightly and has repercussions on some outcomes of the Hospital Quest. Rescuing her will also have an effect on the ending montage for the Reindeer infection.

Optional 2 - Mementos

Hail to the King, baby! (creator: Stripes)
Orthas wants you to retrieve some of her old stuff from her place, just a few mementos of her old life.

  1. Resolve the Live Sample stage of the main storyline quest with any outcome.
  2. Complete the Guard Duty optional stage and receiving at least one egg from Orthas into you
  3. Talk to Orthas to have her begin the quest by telling you to get some mementos from her old place.
  4. Proceed to the Red Light District and seek out Orthas's House (event). If you don't know how to get to the RLD, Orthas will have given you directions.
  5. Finding the 'Orthas's House' event will find the footlocker (15 lbs) as well as a crossbow (ranged, 6 dmg, 8 lbs).
  6. While practicing with the crossbow, a Red Kangaroo will attack. Winning or losing allows you to keep the crossbow.
  7. Bring the footlocker back to Orthas to complete the quest.
Returning the footlocker results in a special sex scene.
Results in a different survival ending scene for Orthas.
You will get to keep the crossbow weapon as long as you don't flee from the Red Kangaroo fight.


This quest is continued in the Hospital Quest article.