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Campus Map by Mendo

Never went to one? Well then, welcome to the College. They are renowned for their excellent sports programs, including an olympic-sized pool woot! No worries though there are many mental challenges in many fields as well. Excellent environment for learning to keep reins on you're libido all on the "safety" of the school grounds... Cheerleaders, ah yes the good times!


  • College Campus Entrance, College Fountain, Admin Building, Dean's Office
  • College Walkway West, Athletic Street, Astroslide Football Field, Astroslide Field Locker Room, Lecture Street, Lecture Theater 1*, Lecture Theater 2*
  • College Walkway East, Greek Street, Thunderbolt's Stable*, Satyr's Frat*, Dorm Street, Female Dorms, Male Dorms, Slyvias Room*, Richards Room*, Julians Room*, Jadakos Room*
  • College Walkway North East, Tenvale College Library
  • College Walkway North West, College Belltower, The Clouds**

(*) = Must be unlocked

(**) = Must have an infection with wings or the ability to fly



Going south leads into the campus hunting area.

Wandering Campus Events

  • Campus Patrol: (background)
  • Cats vs Dogs: (background)
  • Cheetah Cheater: (background)
  • Campus Lovers: Option to watch Jadako get it on with one of the school teachers, Joseph.
  • Campus Racing: (background)
  • Course Advice - Wait Your Turn!
  • Despairing Biologist: Meet Sylvia
  • First Pericles Event: Meet Pericles
  • Fountain Naiad: (background)
  • Hanging out on the Green: Viewable after making friends with Stewart. Meet Randall.
  • Hypno Geeks: Some nerdy mice have captured a large canine jock.
  • Pregnant Friend: (background)
  • Shark Fountain: (background)
  • Thunderbolt Encounter: Meet Thunderbolt
  • Undie Race: (background)
  • A Wolfs Invitation: Meet Julian
  • Various Male Dorm Events
  • Various Female Dorm Events
  • If Korvin is your active companion, there is a special scene to be found.

Hunt-able Events

  • Anime Club: Anime Babe and hentai fan fight. Possible infection.
  • Arts Department: (Lizard Girl fight)
  • Barricaded Lockerroom: (meeting Eric, skill check)
  • Bird Troubles: Introduces Nadia and allows you to bring her back to the bunker.
  • Browse Library: Typing the command "Browse Library" in the Tenvale Library room can trigger some scenes. The scene can change depending on if you have Ryousei or Brutus as your active pet.
  • Cheerleader Initiation: (trigger for Hulking Cheerleader )
  • Cheerleader vs Furling: (background)
  • Dorms Part One: (background)
  • Dorms Part Two: (background)
  • Dorms Part Three: (background, skill check, +15 libido)
  • DogAndPony Show: (background)
  • Fashion Statement: RandomCheck DC=15, success=obtain muscle shirt
  • Frat House: finding Phi Iota Gamma location, Messy Pig fight
  • Free Drink: If you drink, -10 thirst and satyr infection. Starts the events involving Richard.
  • Greenhouse: Obtain wolfsbane for wereraptor.
  • Guess that Character One: (background, continued in Outside and Red Light District)
  • History Lecture: Spartan or Helot infection depending on dialogue choices.
  • Janitor’s Closet: (Wolftaur fight)
  • Languages Department: (background)
  • Let's Party: Only Appears after taking a swig on the Free Drink event
  • Marching Band: (background)
  • Paleontology Professor: Release the Wereraptors
  • Politics: (background)
  • Rooftop: (random item)
  • Teachers Lounge: (background)
  • Training Room: (train some, treadmill +1 dex or stack machine +1 str, depending on player dex and str get different text)
  • Wandering the Campus: (random enemy fight)
  • Working Out: Find Campus Gym