Football Wolfman

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Football Wolfman

Location: College Campus
Level: 6
HP: 70
Damage: 15
Loot: Sports Drink
Target Gender: Male
Endings?: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Furry, Guy


Heat?: No

Author- Wahn

Danger Level: 6, Typical Environment: Campus


As you explore the ruined city, a tall figure suddenly steps into sight in front of you and gives you a calculating look. It's a well-toned male wolf-morph, standing on two digitigrade legs. His fur is almost completely black, except for a blood red section on his chest that forms the number 7. He nods his lupine head at you, saying "I'm Septus, the talent scout of the Fairhaven Wolves. You don't look half bad - but are you worth joining the best football team of this changed world?" He gives you a toothy grin, then pounces at you.


  • Unique: you will only encounter this one wolfman until you arrive inside the lair.
  • After beating him four times he recognizes you're strength and asks you to come to Wolfman Lair. It is a findable outside event.