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Species: Bird of Paradise
Gender: Female
Location: College Campus
Must be found?: Yes
Events: Bird Troubles, Lost Chick
Bring to Bunker?: Yes
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: No
Endings: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Girl, Furry

Author- Wahn


Having escorted Nadia back from where she was holed up in Fairhaven College, you take a little while to look over her. Being transformed into bird of paradise has left her with feathers of every hue and stripe on a mostly red coat, although they look pretty pale and washed-out, perhaps due to the stressful conditions she was trapped in until recently. In addition to her feathers, she's kept her shoulder-length hair, a deep, vivid crimson that she keeps tied up with a red ribbon. It's the only article of clothing she now wears, having deemed her feathers enough to protect her modesty - which is largely true, especially considering her small breasts and girlish hips. Jutting from between her shoulder blades, her wings are wide and strong, although she keeps them folded about her body protectively most of the time.

Nadia's description changes as she has more children.


Nadia is found by searching for Bird Troubles on the College Campus. Here, the player may offer to bring Nadia to the Library or they may refuse, which removes her from the game.

After having 10 chicks, Nadia mentions to the player that one of them appears to be missing. The player may go to the College Campus and search for Lost Chick to find Vera, the missing chick. This triggers a fight with three Feline Gymnasts. There is no consequence for failure, the player may retry as often as needed.


  • If your Icarus is currently set to sub he may have a scene where he nurses from Nadia.
  • If Amy currently has children as well, Nadia and her will have a few scenes of mommy and me where they will take care of their children together as well as educate them.


As of yet Nadia is not infectious.


  • Nadia loves fertility pills. These can help advance story progress with her.
  • If Nadia isn't pregnant, sex with her has a 100% pregnancy chance
  • Nadia progresses through various stages as she has more children, which changes her appearance and adds the ability for her to carry more than one child at once. She can eventually carry up to three at once, each with their own pregnancy timer. Pregnancy chances for the second and third egg are less than 100%.
  • Under specific conditions, Nadia will give the player a feathered cloak. The player needs to complete Nadia's lostchick quest and the number of children she has plus the number of fertile pills she's been given must be at least 29. Additionally, Nadia must have had at least 20 children and carrying 3 eggs at once. The feathered cloak fits the body slot, has and AC of 20 and an effectiveness of 85%

Ideas of Potential Growth

To be added later