Bottlenose Toy

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Bottlenose Toy

Location: Beach
Level: 1/5
HP: 18/38
Damage: 3/4
Target Gender: Female
Tail Strike?: Yes
Endings?: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Girl, Furry


Heat?: No

Author- Stripes

Danger Level: 1/5, Typical Environment: Beach

Bottlenose Toy by Anymouse1968

Appearance: Dolphin Girl (lvl 1 - 75%)

As you walk along the beach, you encounter another of the unusual creatures that have come into being. Rising from her playing in the water is an anthropomorphic dolphin girl, but what makes her strange is that she seems completely inflatable. Her skin is a bright pink and glossy white, with visible seams and everything. As she removes her red towel from around her waist, you can see that there are inflation nozzles where her nipples should be and another wet 'seam' between her legs, showing her to be ready for more than innocent waterfront playing. There is a strange glisten to the towel's appearance, letting you realize that it is made of a living vinyl and has now bonded to her fin-like hand. She spins it into a rat-tail with a grin and moves in with a playful giggle.

Appearance: Dolphin Toy (lvl 5 - 25%)

Resting peacefully on the beach is what looks at first to be a normal, child's inflatable beach toy. Aside from being a bigger model than most, nearly a man's height in length from nose to tail, it seems like others you've seen before. It is a bright green dolphin with a white underbelly and a cartoony grin on its bottlenose face. There is a darker section of textured rubber designed like a big scarf to provide better grip as well as a pair of small handles at its side for a child to hold. It seems innocent enough, until it starts to move on its own. With an airy giggle, it floats up into the air and does a playful backwards flip. This flip lets you see there's a slick slit towards the rear its underbelly, showing that this is no pure, children's toy but another of the unusual creatures that have come into being. As it playfully swims through the air past you, you try to push it away, finding the inflated creature's skin surprisingly durable for a beach toy. Turning around, it pulls its scarf off, fusing it to the tip of its fin and spins it in the air like a large, green towel to strike at you.


  • Victory sex against the dolphin girl form is libido/gender driven and comes in a few variation. Victory sex with the toy form is libido driven and optional.
  • Special Loss Scene: The dolphin girl form has a special loss scene which involves a struggle against her placing you inside a dolphin-shaped inflatable. You choose to submit to this or struggle. If you do not get free, your game will end immediately with a unique ending scenario.