Central Library

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Central Library

Quest Giver: James
Starting Event: Central Library
Event Area: High Rise District
Bonus Time: ***
Creator: Stripes

Flag Restrictions

Flags: Guy, Girl, Furry

The Central Library quest deals with interacting with James the Wolverine Guard. Being an elderly security guard for the library in his past life, his infection-driven instincts drive him to vehemently guard the Central Library, though the saner portion of his mind keeps him from attacking outright. There are several means to gain entry available to resourceful players.

Phase 1 - James

Finding James adamantly guarding the steps of the city's Central Library, but still sane enough to try warning the player before his instincts drive him to attack, the player is able to interact with him through a menu system that provides variable options. There are several paths through this menu which may lead to gaining entry into the Central Library.

  1. Pose as his replacement: James, having guarded the Central Library non-stop since the outbreak, can be convinced that you're here to relieve him for a few hours.
    Requires: Wolverine Guard body and a successful charisma check. The check has a +3 bonus if the player also has Wolverine Guard skin and face infection as well.
    Success: Gain entry and is considered a 'permitted' entry.
    Failure: Failing the charisma check removes this as a possible entry option.
  2. Bribe your way in: James has had little opportunity to eat except when the librarians inside remember to give him something. He'd also like something to bust some heads while on guard.
    Requires: Two food and two water to first feed James. After feeding him, he's still not ready to let you in. You need to further bribe him with a blunt weapon, either (in order) a nightstick, a medium sledge, a crowbar, a tire iron, the flotsam club or a mallet. If you have any of these unequipped, he'll ask if he can have it.
    Success: Gain entry and is considered a 'permitted' entry.
    Failure: No penalty and the path can be continued from partial completion.
  3. Fight your way in: Opting for the direct approach, you can attack the wolverine.
    Requires: No requirement.
    Success: Gain entry and is considered an 'unauthorized' entry.
    Failure: Losing or fleeing the fight bars you from entry and permanently closes the event.
  4. Sex him up: James, full of youthful vigour and wild animal hormones, is the horniest he's been in years. Sexing him up should get you in his good graces.
    Requires: Female/herm and having a Wolverine Guard body and face.
    Success: Sex scene. Gain entry and is considered a 'permitted' entry.
    Failure: Males making the offer will be sent away, while females/herms may continue trying other options. You may try this option again on your next visit.
  5. Sneak in: James can't be watching everywhere at once. Maybe you can find another means of entry.
    Requires: The 'Stealthy' feat is required for this option to even show.
    Success: Gain entry and is considered an 'unauthorized' entry.
    Failure: No chance of failure if available to the player.

The player also has the option of choosing to leave with plans to return (to gather the needed means for entry) or to leave and never return (closing the event).

Phase 2 - The Stacks

After getting past James, the player quickly peruses through the stacks in search of a book which might be useful in their situation. The player will find one of seven random books, each with a different minor reward. If the player has already collected all seven books, they instead find a water bottle and some chips.

  1. Martial Arts - Grants 'Martial Artist' feat or 25 xp.
  2. Riddles/Jokes/Pranks - Grants a +2 bonus to stat checks involving jokes, riddles (Valerie) and pranks (Diego).
  3. Animals - Grants 25 xp.
  4. Animal Mating Habits - Provides the 'Wild Animals' item (+12 libido and -(2-5) humanity when used) and grants 10 xp.
  5. Military Reconnaissance - Opens an option to provide intel to certain key NPCs to gain extended game time. Works with Doctor Matt, Doctor Mouse or Gina. Doing so provides a 3 day (24 turn) increase, though you'll only get half that from Gina if you are not the Matriarch.
  6. First Aid Manual - Having it in your inventory increases your turn healing rate by 1. Also boosts healing items by 2 (unless it's superseded by the 'Expert Medic' feat).
  7. Animal Handling - Grants the 'Good Teacher' feat or gives you +10 xp and an xp boost to all pets (current and future).

While it is possible to only gain one of these books on any playthrough of the game, if you end the game with a high enough score (1000+), you'll be granted a code to find that book at the Grey Abbey Library during future games. If you get any books from the Grey Abbey Library, you'll find a different one among the books in the Central Library. This will allow you to play through the different entry means to the Central Library and eventually collect all books and codes.

But to do that, you still need to get out...

Phase 3 - The Librarians

After finding a book (or the supplies), the player accidentally knocks some books off the shelves. This rouses the ire of the Harpy librarians, who swoop in to attack the player. You will have to fight two of them before finally being able to get away. Winning or fleeing the fights count, but losing either will result in a special game-over scenario. After the second fight, James will come bursting in, either to rescue you (if willing entry) or chase you out while shooting (if unauthorized entry).

There is no further reward and the event is closed either way, though having positive entry will affect the Wolverine Guard succumb entry (if female and you gained entry using sex) and survival ending scenes.