Snake (SP)

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Snake (SP)

Location: Dry Plains
Level: 2
HP: 20
Damage: 5
Target Gender: no change*
Tail Strike?: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: none


Heat?: No

Author- Stripes

Danger Level: 2, Typical Environment: Dry Plains


As you travel across the plains, there is a rustle in the grass beside you. Turning quickly, you spot what would be a common ring-necked snake, were it not for its great size. This serpent has grown to the size of a boa and is almost two meters in length. This one has silvery scales across its body with bright yellow-orange along the underbelly. Its dark gray head has an orange band at its neck and a pale yellow jaw, which blends into the brighter underside. The enlarged snake hisses at you and attacks.


  • Non-gendered Shifting: The snakes do not cause a player's gender to change during infection, though he might cause males/herms to trend into having two members.
  • The standard sex scene is non-rolling. The snake will check to see if player has any breasts, feed off of them, and failing to be sated (or the player doesn't have any) will move to male genitalia. If there is no male genitalia then it will go for female. If the snake fails to be sated by player genitals (Which is always the case for females who lack breasts), a second minor scene will fire off. Neuters will be subject to the vore scene instead, every time.
  • The Touched by Madness scene allows for forced unbirth on the player, even if they don't have the UB-specific feat on them. This also applies to males with MPreg. The "Serpent Hijack" receives some special text acknowledging their presence, separate from other pregnancies. Players may be pregnant will multiple serpents in a row, assuming they meet the occupancy criteria.
  • The game determines how many can occupy the player by their scale. Scale values of less than 3 can only hold 1 (Male players must have Twisted Capacity in order for the single snake to 'fit' at that size, as well). Every additional value from 3 and beyond is that scale subtracted by 1 (Example: SV 4 can hold 3 snakes). Every occupant slightly increases the chance of the scene happening again with the next snake you encounter (As well as having the Kinky feat).
  • Once rebirthed, the snakes retain their appearance (Unless you have They Have Your Eyes), but otherwise behave like your children (Unless you have Wild Womb). A cooldown becomes active after birth of 2 days, and the scene is unavailable during this cooldown state, as a preventative measure to stop the player from racking up massive amounts of offspring in a short time period.