Hyena Matriarch

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Hyena Matriarch

Location: Hyena Hideout
Level: 3
HP: 100
Damage: 12
Target Gender: Herm

Flag Categories

Flags: Hermaphrodite, Furry


Heat?: No

Can only be fought after completing the events of Hyena Gang and befriending Gina.


The matriarch is the largest hyena you've seen. Her body is strong and powerful, with strong, masculine shoulders and wide, feminine hips. And this is all covered with thick muscles under a layer of coarse fur. Unlike many of the hyenas around, her fur is clean and brushed, probably by one of her many attendants. They flock around her, bringing her news from gang members throughout the city, relaying her orders back to them and generally waiting on her every whim. But she doesn't seem pampered or soft, having a tough look to her and has a willingness to get her hands dirty in a fight, as you've personally experienced. Strong, powerful and virile, your submissive body quivers at the sight of her, wanting to prostrate yourself before her - or better yet, bare your ass and bend over to be bred.


  • Appears as the Matriarch NPC if the player fails to beat her both times.
  • As an NPC, she will not have sex with the player unless they are infected with the Herm Hyena strain, and will instead turn the player over to the gang members to be infected.
  • If she is defeated, she dissappears from the game.
  • If more vore is enabled, the Hyena Matriarch can eat the player after falling in combat twice.


GitHub: https://github.com/Nuku/Flexible-Survival/blob/797468e637a9f99d130ef050de78503e94e34590/Stripes/Matriarch%20NPC.i7x