Skunkbeast Lord

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Skunkbeast Lord

Starting Event: Skunkbeast Battle
Event Area: Urban Forest
Creator: Stripes

Flag Restrictions

Flags: Guy, Girl, Furry

Skunkbeast Lord

Location of Quest Start:

'Guy' must not be flagged.
'Furry' and 'Girl' must not be flagged.
Level of the player must be 15.
  1. Head to the Urban Forest and see the event Skunkbeast Battle. From there you have the option of fighting the Skunkbeast Lord or running away.
  2. Warning - Success will permanently alter your interactions with the other skunks in the game. :)
  3. Warning - Failure will result in a special game over where you're turned into another lusty Skunk girl for the Skunkbeast Lord's harem.
If the player wins the fight, they will receive the Skunkbeast Lord infection and effect. This will be restored by any other source of skunk infection in the game. This includes Frank at the Comic Shop.
Doctor Moffatt will have no interest in a player who's become irrevocably tainted by the 'common park skunks' and will cut off any further sessions between her and the player if this quest is completed.
Players with/gaining the lusty double-skunk infection form will have this further altered by the Skunkbeast Lord infection, making them into a Tauric Skunkbeast Lord.
Completion for this quest will alter the endings for all associated skunk content in the game (the Skunk Kit, the double-skunk and Frank) if the player ends the game with this form.
Warning - This event will consume a large chunk of the player's humanity for a successful win. The possibility of getting an automatic game over event as the new Skunkbeast Lord is relatively high in this case.


  • Players with fully Skunkbeast Lord forms will have special scenes while having sex with Frank, Lucy, Fang and when entering the Zephyr Lobby (one-time).