Urban Forest

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The Urban Forest is a residential section of the city that's been largely overgrown and destroyed by the rapid growth of a mysterious forest. Several creatures have taken up residence in these dark woods where even the trees can move about.


Urban Forest


Dominick A well built Husky stud, who wishes for more bitches to breed. Will you become one, or become his beta?

Fang Will he be your loyal submissive beta, or your confident dominant alpha?

Macadamia The Grey Squirrel (first meeting)

Micaela a sexy herm Easter Bunny

Miyuki, an otherworldly Ice Fox herm who resides down in the Frozen Cave Tunnels (northeast, north, northeast, down) of the Urban Forest.

Perceval, a friendly male Pangolin blacksmith (head northwest of the entrance to trigger his meeting).


East from the main room leads to the Forest hunting area.


<awaiting completion>

  • Abandoned Camp: Search, then defeat Gargoyle. Gain dirty water and food. Accepting invitation leads to vore and Savina content.
  • Avian Tent:
  • Canine Indecision: The player comes across Andy the wolf, and helps him come to a decision of where to go. Back into the city to stay with his friends or to join Garth in the forest.
  • Corrupt Kennel: Meeting Dominick and location of is Happy Puppy Kennel found.
  • Finding Mack; Meet Macadamia (Mack) for the first time here.
  • Lost skunk kit: Stumble upon a lost Skunk Kit that you can take as a pet, provided you possess the Skunk infection or use some Skunk Goo.
  • Lusty Skunk: Option to gain a special, double-skunk variant infection.
  • Pack Bang: Flee or fight a pack of Feral Wolves.
  • Razorback Fury: Stumble across a Razorback Boar named Garth teaching a few wolves a lesson. After the event the Razorback Boar can be encountered in the forest.
  • Razorback Payback: Andy the wolf who Garth really taught the lesson to goes back for some payback and Garth shows him who's Alpha.
  • Skunkbeast Battle: Encounter with skunkbeast lord. Can choose to intervene or run.
  • Small Cave: Vore event with the Glowing Mushroom item.
  • Wolf Bang:


<still undergoing construction>