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Species: Alpha Husky
Gender: Male
Location: Happy Puppy Kennel
Must be found?: Yes
Events: Corrupt Kennel
Bring to Bunker?: No
Sex?: No
Infectious: Yes*
Endings: No

Flag Categories

Flags: Male, Furry


Dominick (or Dom, as he prefers), is a well-built husky male. He's got a confident stance as he looks around the foyer of the former kennel. While you may have first mistaken him for another of the husky males you've seen out in the city, further examination shows he likely has a different strain from them. He stands just under six feet tall and has a somewhat different build than the others. His face and muzzle is broader and more cartoonish than a regular husky, further emphasized by the wolfish grin it often bears as he looks at you or his slutty pets. He has a crop of bluish hair atop his head that becomes bluish fur down his back. This changes of the more typical gray of normal huskies on his shoulders and around his sides before transitioning fully to white for his chest and belly.


Dominick can be encountered by viewing the "Corrupt Kennel" event in the Urban Forest area.

  • Choosing to enter as a friend allows the player to come and go unscathed, and has limited sex options.
  • Choosing to enter as a foe forces the player to make a strength check.
    • Beating a 22 unlocks Dominick's sub content, but it is currently unimplemented.
    • Failing the check results in the player being domed and abused by Dominick, and kicked out.
  • Upon returning to the Happy Puppy Kennel, the player has two choices:
    • Submit to Dom and unlock additional content.
    • Leave, removing Dom and the kennel from the game.


  • *Dominick will infect the player with the Breederslut infection, usually permanently.