Elven Hunter

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Elven Hunter

Location: Urban Forest
Level: 8
HP: 63
Damage: 12
Target Gender: Male
Endings?: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy


Heat?: No
Elven Hunter, commission drawn by Aosuka
Elven Hunter and Human, commission drawn by Aosuka

Author- Wahn

Danger Level: 8, Typical Environment: Urban Forest


A tall, slender man steps silently out of the shadow a bit ahead of you. He is a very handsome man dressed in dark green leather pants and an open fur-trimmed vest on first impression. But looking closer, you realize he's too beautiful to be a human - supernaturally so. With the clearly defined muscles under his pale, flawless skin and a face bearing sharp, beautiful features he'd make any human standing beside him look like a crudely assembled puppet. The sharp points of his ears poking out from under shoulder-length black hair and the bow in his hand remove any doubts - he's an elf. While you were busy staring at him, he studied you in turn... and wasn't too impressed to judge from his expression. He sighs, saying 'It'll have to do for now,' to himself, then gracefully pulls an arrow from the quiver on his back. 'You there, creature - start running and be a bit of a challenge, will you?


  • Unique: The elven hunter is actually the same one you encounter each time.
  • Body Beautiful: You may recieve slightly different comment wether your body type is elven, reptilian, or demonic.
  • Drops - lembas bread


Author- https://github.com/Nuku/Flexible-Survival/tree/master/Wahn

Creature- https://github.com/Nuku/Flexible-Survival/blob/master/Wahn/Elven%20Hunter.i7x