Awesome Tree

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Awesome Tree

Location: Urban Forest
Level: 7
HP: 60
Damage: 3
Loot: Awesome Fruit, Awesome Bat
Target Gender: Herm
Endings?: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Humorous


Heat?: No

Author- Damaged

Danger Level: 7, Typical Environment: Urban Forest


You turn a corner and see it. Looking up you realize due to the shape of the branches you are unable to actually see just how tall this monstrous and truly Awesome Tree is. Its branches are long and you see, among the foliage some fruit that look unbelievably tasty, if you could just shake the tree enough to get one to fall...


  • Persistent: If you are injured by an Awesome Tree, its hp are restored to full. Also, if it strikes you 5 times, combat is lost by it dropping a branch on your head. This does gain you an assortment of awesome fruit (see below) and a 10% chance of getting the 'Awesome Bat', a powerful weapon.
  • If you are wielding an Awesome Bat, each successful attack you make has a chance of automatically defeating an Awesome Tree.
  • Awesome Fruit: The Awesome Tree's three fruits: Awesome (Male), Awesomer (Female) and Awesomest (Herm) will infect a player with the Awesome Tree strain according to the gender target for the given fruit type. The number and type of Awesome Fruit dropped is random, whether you win or lose the fight, though victory typically provides more fruit.