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Species: Demon
Gender: Male
Location: Half-Renovated Room
Must be found?: Yes
Bring to Bunker?: Yes
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: No
Endings: No

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy, Hellspawn


Skarnoth the demon prince is a magnificent specimen of masculinity, with a strikingly handsome face framed by blood-red hair. His firm pecs and six-pack abs would fit an underwear model- which he kind of is, as he has been stripped of his regalia, wearing nothing but a skin tight black thong. The strip of fabric does more to show off the bulge of his package than to conceal anything.

There is flawless, reddish skin on the demons torso, his similarity to the perfection of a Greek statue does diminish a bit- as Skarnoth's otherworldly nature shows clearly on the rest of his body. Starting with a few small scales on the sides of his upper body, then larger and more solid ones on his hips and down his legs, the infernal being has overlapping, flexible scales. His feet bear sharp claws, as do his hands (if a bit smaller ones), and further scale-plates make it appear like he is wearing elaborate bracers as well as pauldrons to cover his shoulders. Also, he has a long tail with a ridge of skales running down the backside, ending in a spaded tip. A pair of large horns curving up from his head completes the image of a handsome dangerous predator.


To gain access Skarnoth you must take the pure Elijah path. After Elijah wakes up and some time has passed when you return to the bunker you will encounter two separate events where you will be attacked by imps. Beat the imps both times and decide whether to tie them up or to try and kill them. The game will then point you towards talking to Elijah about the imps, after you have done this you may begin making preparations for the battle.

Once you have beaten Skarnoth and his minions you will be presented with two key choices:

1. Allow Elijah to kill Skarnoth- Skarnoth is killed and Elijah will tainted by taking a life. or Stop Elijah and deal with Skarnoth yourself- leads to you deciding Skarnoths fate.

2. Choke the life out Skarnoth- you decide to kill Skarnoth yourself saving Elijah from having to take a life. or Place a slave collar on Skarnoth- this will allow you to bring him back to the bunker as your personal demonic slave.


  • Falure results in badend.
  • There are Sub/Dom routs in the works right now.
  • Interacts with Evil Brutus only for now Skarnoth sub route.




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