Feral Unicorn

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Feral Unicorn

Location: Avalon-Crossroads
Level: 9
HP: 80
Damage: 10
Target Gender: No Change
Endings?: No

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy, Feral


Heat?: No

Author- Taelyn

Danger Level: 9, Typical Environment: Avalon-Crossroads


You hear the rustle of leaves and branches as a large equine pushes its way past them and into the open. This is no normal horse though. It is as big as a daft horse. From hoof to shoulder it is almost as tall as a human. A long spiral horn grows proudly out of its forehead, and its long, elegant mane hangs down, unkept and wild. A tuft of hair hangs from its chin, almost like a beard, and its lower legs are 'feathered' like a Clydesdale. Its tail, however, is different than a normal horse. It stretches out behind the mystical creature, only lightly furred until the end where the hair tufted out like a weird mix of a horse and lion's tail. This was a true unicorn, and if its huge equine cock and balls had anything to tell you, a very horny male unicorn. One that was now charging towards you with lewd intent!



Creature- https://github.com/Nuku/Flexible-Survival/blob/c354754791785fbdd985c1bfdf7c5d09ee2a0deb/Taelyn/Feral%20Unicorn.i7x