Kitsune (SP)

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Kitsune (SP)

Species: Kitsune
Gender: Male
Location: Outside Exploration, Foxy Hideaway
Must be found?: Yes
Events: Strange Fox, Strange Bell
Bring to Bunker?: No
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: Yes
Endings: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy, Furry


A beautiful silver vulpine stands on two digitigrade legs while looking at you with heated, but controlled eyes. Nine tails dance teasingly behind the fox-man's back as he smiles at you good-naturedly. His long and lithe form seems to almost sway slightly with the subtle motions of Kitsune rocking his hips from side to side. His smile soon turns saucy as Kitsune looks you up and down, his eyes lingering a particularly long time on your groin as though studying a tempting morsel, before he looks up into your face once again. With a predatory grin crossing his muzzle, you can't help but feel slightly on edge as the feral nature of the other shines through the graceful visage that the vulpine puts on for you. Though somewhat human-like in appearance there can be no doubt of the animal nature of the fox-man as Kitsune stares at you with a growing hunger. A slow sweep of a red tongue along full and pale lips lets you know not to forget this.


Kitsune is first encountered through the Strange Fox event in Outside Exploration. There are five scenes before he asks the player to find his Bell.

  1. Meet the Strange fox for the first time.
  2. Encounter him again and attempt to save him from a monster (no fight).
  3. In the third encounter, gain two food but also 25 hunger (up to a max of 75).
  4. Kitsune talks about mankind and technology. Passing an intelligence check allows you to share your point of veiw.
  5. The Kitsune is being chased and the player runs after to help him. Passing a Dexterity check allows the player to keep up and gain a point of Dexterity. Failing the check results in the player being rescued by Kitsune's Feral form. The player gains a medkit and a water bottle instead.
  6. Kitsune will tell you that he has lost his bell, a very important bell that he needs in order to get home. He will tell you that he lost it somewhere in the Park and asks you to retrieve it for him.
  7. Go to the park and find the Strange Bell and then go back and hunt for the strange fox again within the city. For returning his bell, the Kitsune will lead you to his Foxy Hideaway.


  • Once in the Foxy Hideaway, the player may request food and water once per day, up to five times. Kitsune is also available for sex here.
  • There's are two special endings if you have a Kitsune body. One for low humanity and one for if you escape from the city when the military comes.

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