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Christy by Max Blackrabbit

Species: Dragon
Gender: Female, Male
Changes gender: Yes
Location: Isolated Street, Back Alley
Must be found?: Yes
Events: Find Building, Another Ladder
Bring to Bunker?: No
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: Yes (special)
Endings: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy, Girl, Furry


All you can see of this huge dragoness is the back half of her body. She has beautiful, scarlet scales. Her large body is firmly wedged in the double doorway, trapping her securely. The infection must have caused her to rapidly grow to a huge size as she was trying to get through the doorway and became stuck before making it. The concrete wall around the doorframe has cracked, but not given way yet. Trapped as she is, her large legs are spread apart and pressed to the floor, keeping her pinned. Under her large tail is her huge, dripping pussy - exposed... and vulnerable.


Delving through the sewers of the Smith Haven Mall, the player may stumble across the Find Building event and find themselves standing in front of the exposed rear of a Dragon. The player may choose to try to help her from this predicament, or take advantage of her. To free her, the player must find the Another Ladder event in the sewers and give Christy a glob of goo from Goo Girls. (Hint: type Free Christy)

Whether the player takes advantage of Christy while she's trapped affects future interactions with her.

Christy may be turned into a male by giving her a spicy sausage found in the Smith Haven Mall's Food Court after she's been freed.


  • Christy can become pregnant and lay eggs in either her trapped or freed version.
  • While not normally infectious, Christy will infect the player with either Horny Dragon or Slutty Dragoness (default is Slutty Dragoness) if the player chooses to accept either her Unbirthing scene (when freed) or her Cock Vore scene (when turned male). After the first time, sex with Christy will restore the infection but won't have any impact on the size or number of the player's attributes.
  • If the player fucks her while she's stuck in the wall and continues to after she's been freed, the player will eventually give themselves away. Admitting to this will patch things up while lying or attempting to flee will result in player expulsion. In the latter case, Christy will no longer be accessible and will only turn up one last time during the 'Dragon Prey' event. Failure to talk your way out of this event results in a special game over. If the player fesses up and apologizes, it leads to Christy becoming infectious during sex if she wasn't already.