Copper Dragoness

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Copper Dragoness

Location: Vohr Island
Level: 20
HP: 200
Damage: 35

Flag Categories

Flags: girl, furry


Heat?: No

Author- Kurainyx

Danger Level: 7, Typical Environment: Vohr Island


Loud rustling is the only warning you get before a truck-sized dragon bursts through a nearby thicket of trees. Its scales are a reddish-brown, having a metallic sheen that makes them look like copper while two horns jut out from the top of its head with frills adorning the sides. Noting the curves and sleek form of the beast, you realize that the dragon is a dragoness, a dragoness who is leering at you with a hungry glint in her eyes as she unfurls her wings to charge toward you.


  • Scenes contain unbirth and anal vore.
  • If the player is victorious and too large, fisting scenes are available.
  • Has different scenes for defeat and victory


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