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Snow by Trav

Species: Squirrel
Gender: Herm
Location: The Grey Abbey
Must be found?: Yes
Events: Hyper Squirrel Girl, Wild Squirrels
Bring to Bunker?: Yes
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: Yes (special)
Endings: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Hermaphrodite, Furry


This sexual beauty is about six feet [sic], with the features of a squirrel. She sports a massive pair of heaving breasts, larger than any you've seen, and a large bulge in her pants, barely covering the massive cock and huge balls. She normally has her tattered shirt and 'too-tight' pants, but they always seem to vanish before they can be damaged any further.


Snow is first met in the Hyper Squirrel Girl event found through Outside Exploration.

  1. In the first encounter, she runs off before the player can speak.
  2. In the second encounter, the player decides to hide and ambush her before she can run away. This requires a perception check to hide and a dexterity check to surprise and pin her to the ground. If the player's libido is 50 or higher, she will agree to accompany the player on the condition that they give her something to make her breasts larger. If the player's libido is too low, she will state that it looks like the player wouldn't be able to keep up with her.
  3. If the player is carrying a Distilled Milk, they may give it to Snow immediately and she will follow them back to The Grey Abbey Library. If they don't have one, they can be found on Fluffy Owls in the City Hospital. The player will have to find the event again, pass all the previous checks then give the milk to her.

Once the player has had sex with Snow, the Wild Squirrels event becomes active. These Wild Squirrels will set a trap for the player which can be avoided either through a high perception check or a high strength check. Otherwise, the Wild Squirrels will have their way with the player, resulting in a total transformation and a significant loss of humanity. Once captured, the event is resolved, but will reappear if the player has sex with Snow again.


  • Snow can improve Weapons, Armor and other Equipment.
  • Snow is only infectious if the player gives into squirrel infection caused by the Wild Squirrels event, or if the player's cock is less than size 8 (where Snow give the player a squirrel cock).