Magic Drake

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Magic Drake

Location: Red Light
Level: 15
HP: 92
Damage: 17
Target Gender: Male*
Tail Strike?: Yes
Alt Combat?: Yes
Endings?: No

Flag Categories

Flags: Hermaphrodite


Heat?: No

Author- Stripes

Danger Level: 15, Typical Environment: Red Light District


"Ah yes! You should do nicely! With a little remodelling, you'll make for a fine familiar," you hear an excited voice say. It is coming from a shemale dragon-woman wearing a sheer blue dress over her green scales, wings flapping as she approaches you. The dragoness's figure is very striking, even beyond being an imposing ten feet tall. While most of her body is of an average build (for her size) with a few inches to pinch, her breasts, balls, cock and ass are all outlandishly over-sized. Each jiggling ass cheek is larger around than her stomach. Her breasts are similarly voluminous, bouncing buoyantly as she advances on you.

It's quite clear she's becoming excited, her nipples hard and her titanic cock throbbing as it dribbles sticky patches of precum with every slap of her basketball-sized nuts against her scaly flesh. So awestruck are you by her transformed figure that you only notice the details of her garments after that. Her blue dress, aside from made being almost transparently thin silk, is decorated by stars that actually twinkle. Atop her horned head, she wears a golden tiara that is molded right around her ridged brow and long horns. Around her neck is a golden talisman adorned with a fiery stone. Lastly, she holds an ebon staff with a rather phallic headpiece, also made of gold. It shimmers and leaves a streak of golden sparkles in its wake as she brings it to bear on you.


  • Butt Lift: A player's ass/tail will be targeted for infection during player loss if they do not possess the 'Magic Drake' infection there. If they do, the dragoness will enchant the player's ass to become larger and larger until maxed out. The size will remain recorded even if you change infections and become reinfected.
  • Size Control: A winning player (from the second victory onwards) can try using the magic staff after their victory scene to shrink/grow/restore their Magic Drake infected ass. They can also use it to perform cock/ball expansion/reduction. Attempting to grow your ass beyond the maximum results in a special scene where the tables are turned on the over-sized player.
  • There are five levels of ass expansion.