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Species: Peculiar dragon
Gender: Male
Combat: Yes
Location: Dry Plains, Rocky Outcropping
Must be found?: Yes
Events: Peculiar dragon
Bring to Bunker?: No
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: No
Endings: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Male, Feral


As an Encounter

Upon your travels through the plains, a rather peculiar sight approaches you from the distance. It would appear to be some manner of large, feral dragon, turquoise scales immaculately shimmering in the light. Very much well-toned and muscled, he struts towards you with a very deliberate, formal poise. He doesn’t appear immediately threatening, sizing you up with with a silent--if albeit somewhat energetic--demeanour before his poise shifts, apparently as to challenge you to combat.

As a NPC

To facilitate your examination Doran stands erect. He's about what you'd expect from a traditional, western-styled dragon; a scaled, impressively-sized, winged quadruped. Clad in turquoise scales, his underside is accented with with rougher, larger, and less saturated scales. Against [if daytimer is day]daylight[otherwise]fire's light[end if], his scales shimmer rather dazzlingly, illustrative of how much he fusses over his appearance.

That vain pride is even further enforced by his posture, deliberately regal and restrained, you imagine the demeanour would be somewhat awkward to pull off, but it's clear he's had a lot of practice doing it. You can command him to unfurl his wings, which--when filtering the [if daytimer is day]sun's light--create an emerald shade upon the rocky ground[otherwise]fire's light--create a shade of emerald against the cave walls[end if] as it passes through the translucent membrane.

Commanded to offer you a more intimate view of his private regions, you can clearly see his ample, scaled package. Chitinous frame rendering his sack taut, they are still somewhat yielding to your touch. His impressive, knotted dick remains obfuscated by his sheath, pointed head peeking through it, always eager for attention.


Starting Off

Doran is first encountered as a level 16 Peculiar dragon in the Dry Plains. In this state he will not speak, will not engage in any player loss sex, and occasionally may award players with food or water if they lose to him (Though not submit). He is not Infectious.

After defeating Doran, the dragon will start talking and conclude any further conflict, eagerly offering themselves to the player for sex. Regardless of whether the player accepts the offer or not, Doran will cease to be an encounter and will become available as an NPC at the Rocky Outcropping, the location of which he reveals to the player.

When you meet Doran at the rocky outcropping, he first attempts to identify the player's gender. Depending on what assessment he makes and whether or not you agree with it he'll from there on refer you to as Mistress or Master, a title he remains insistent on, regardless of circumstance. From there, the NPC can be freely interacted with.


Doran has a substantive pool for sex, both in the context of Doran on bottom or on top. Having him have sex with you in either position pushes him towards their respective "intensity" meter. At max intensity, Doran is more overtly submissive/domineering in these states, and they allow for additional content within each scene. See requesting for adjusting his position

Players can request for vore content while Doran is on top. At the end of every standard dominant scene, Doran will follow up with the action. The length and conclusion of these scenes can be modified through through his vore-specific menu found in the request menu.

Players who have access to roleplaying will receive special scenes which are separate from the main pool. There is only two sessions to choose from at this moment, so selection is limited.

For currently unknown reasons, Doran is completely incapable of rendering the player pregnant.

In Version 1.3, Doran received two additional player-domineering scenes. These scenes introduce a "Blue-Balling" option for players to inflict on the NPC if they are at max intensity. Doing so currently only has a minor cosmetic effect the next time Doran orgasms (Any scene where Doran doesn't explicitly get off sustains the effect).


As an NPC, Doran has numerous adjustment menus. request doran opens his main menu, which offers the option to have the player change:

  • What gender he regards the player as(Male/Female).
  • What gender the player regards HIM as (Male/Female)
  • His sexual position(Dominant/Submissive/Random)
  • Auto-firing sex for Doran in his domination state at max intensity.

In addition, you can request the following from him:

  • Food/Water (Random, two day cooldown, the game chooses which one you'll get next from the previous requisition)
  • Breastfeeding (Replaces the above option if players choose to give him breasts and have them lactate)
  • Body Modification
  • Roleplay session (Special, contextual sex scenes, see below for how to unlock it)
  • Additional Vore content for his dominant state.

Body Modification

Doran can have certain anatomical features changed, resulting in slight scene variation or completely new scenes becoming available.


Players can opt for Doran to have breasts. If player chooses to have them lactate, then the normal "Scavenging" request becomes a "Breastfeeding" one. That particular scene changes if Doran is at max domination.

Otherwise, the scene opens up a number of "Titfuck" scene variants.

As of the time of this writing, only Distilled Milk will allow this change.

Augment Balls/Cum Production

Increases Doran's ball size and cum production. This opens up two scenes for dominant Doran (Only one if he's internal) and one for submissive. It has a slight effect on all pre-exising scenes where it is relevant.

As of the time of this writing, only Earthen Seed "obtained from Sierrasaur" will allow this change.

The below alteration will cause this to only increase cum production.

Internal Genitalia

Causes Doran to have completely internal anatomy. No new scenes are created by this change, and it only has a slight cosmetic effect on pre-existing ones.

Currently, the only way to gain the effect is for the player to also have internal genitalia when first defeating Doran.


Doran has a special interaction. discuss doran causes you to strike up a more substantive discourse with the NPC, including dialogue options. The purpose of these scenes are purely expository, with some options being hidden behind stat or feat checks. However, after the second discussion, the Roleplay option is made available to the player.

Currently, there are only two discussion scenes.


After discussing with Doran enough times, he offers specialized scenes which otherwise wouldn't make sense for him to do in any other context. Upon selecting a scene, Doran will run through some options before it's put "In Session", replacing the next time you have sex. The current scenes he offers is as follows:

Matters of a Feral Nature

(Exploits Doran's bestial appearance)

The Virile Beast

Doran takes the role of a horny monster who captures the PC and has their way with them. This scene is fairly short and simple, and experiments with randomized sub-scenes--assuming the player selects any. This also contains hidden, substantive WS content for players who set themselves to Full WS.

Dragons and Similar Fantasy Fare

(Exploits Doran's draconic appearance)

The Knight

The player, during prep, has the option to be either submissive or domineering in this scene. The scene starts with player hunting for Doran--who behaves as a more conventional dragon--and the ensuing (Implicit) battle resulting in sex with the victor on top. The scene with Doran as the winner has additional Vore content for players who have activated such content in his main menu. The scene while the player is on top entails optional bondage, and is one of the few instances in the game of pegging for female players.