Dry Plains

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Dry Plains


Thomas the centaur herm

Katya the orc female


East from the Dry Plains leads into the Plains hunting area.


  • Apple Tree (approaching releases the Mutant Centaur as a monster)
  • Centaur Gangbang: Meet Thomas..
  • Cow Hunting: Meet Corbin
  • Creeping Grass (background)
  • Film: (background)
  • For the Future: now Researcher Studio is known
  • Hardware Store (find Spiked Club)
  • Horse Sense: (background, Perception check; failure results in black equinoid infection and humanity decrease)
  • Hunting Party (horseman slavers from the Stables)
  • Lady Surrounded by Butterflies: +10 humanity
  • Missing Cow: Find Wendy the missing cow getting plowed.
  • Paratrooper: Meet Sergeant Vanessa.
  • Partial Ruin (prairie dog ambush, food)
  • Peace: +10 Humanity
  • Pegasus (background)
  • Pit Trap (help/abandon human soldier, or fuck him if in prairie dog form)
  • Ranch House (background)
  • Soaring Eagle (background)
  • Tracks: (background)
  • Treasure Hunters: (background, unique dialogue for various states in the Hyena questline)
  • Watering Hole: (approaching and rejecting causes Bald Eagle battle, water is tainted)


The Mutant Centaurs are locked unless the player releases them via the Apple Tree event.

Github: https://github.com/Nuku/Flexible-Survival/blob/69db8614376f1eb0254a5a12dd92d360da92b2ff/Stripes/Dry%20Plains%20Events.i7x