Bald Eagle

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Bald Eagle

Location: Dry Plains
Level: 8
HP: 60
Damage: 11
Loot: eagle feather
Target Gender: Male*
Endings?: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy, Furry


Heat?: No

Author- Stripes

Danger Level: 8, Typical Environment: Dry Plains


Your searching is interrupted by a sharp screech from overhead and you spot a large avian swooping down at you, talons grabbing for you. You barely dodge this first swipe as the eagle man screeches in again, this time in anger at missing. "I'll get you," he cries as he swoops around for another pass at you. This humanoid avian has a bald eagle, with dark brown feathers over his body and wings and a bright white over his head and neck. His wings are long and broad, formed into part of his arms. His small, talonned hands are at the midpoint of his wings' leading edges, able to be used when the not fully extended. His feet end in the bird feet with sharp claws. His beak also looks quite sharp and dangerous.


  • Adjustable Target Gender: While the default is to make the player male, the Bald Eagle will push a player towards their Gender Preferred feat selection, if one exists.
  • Drops the eagle feather.