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Species: Centaur Mare
Gender: Female
Location: Dry Plains
Must be found?: Yes
Events: Paratrooper
Bring to Bunker?: Yes
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: Yes (special)
Endings: No

Flag Categories

Flags: Girl


A sergeant in the paratrooping squad you saw come down in the city, this female soldier had run afoul of a centaur before meeting you. While overall humanoid in form, she does have a few centaur features starting to show. Her ears are pointed and her black hair, shortly cropped when you first met her, has grown out into a short mane. Occasionally swishing, her equine tail is the same deep black as her hair. She's still wearing her military jacket, but has only bothered with some black panties to cover her crotch whenever the jacket shifts, leaving her strong, shapely legs exposed. She has kept her military boots as well, making for an enticing, if slightly unconventional, piece of eye candy walking around. It seems that those transformations aren't all her suitor's left her with, her belly having a small baby bump that promises to get much bigger with her growing centaur foal.

Her appearance changes as her story plays out.


After seeing the Military presence event three times, the player may encounter Vanessa in the Dry Plains through the Paratrooper event. Pregnant with a foal and ill-equipped to deliver it, Vanessa asks for your help in furthering her transformation so she may properly give birth. She needs two Centaur Hairs which drop from Centaur Mares in the Dry Plains. These are administered to her via the "fuck" command and she requires a day of rest before she will take the second one. Afterward, she is available for sex.

After having more than one foal with Vanessa, she mentions a researcher who dropped in with them named Meredith. She asks for your cooperation in mounting a rescue. If accepted, the player will face a battle with three Red Kangaroos. Refusing to come along, defeat, or fleeing causes both Vanessa and Meredith to be removed from the game. Success adds Meredith to the bunker.


  • Vanessa is not infectious unless the player decides to nurse from her. This will infect the player with Centaur Stallion unless Guy is banned, in which case it will infect them with Centaur Mare instead.
  • Meredith and Colleen are threesome options if they are infected.