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Species: Human, Centaur Mare
Changes species?: Yes
Gender: Female
Location: The Grey Abbey
Must be found?: Yes
Events: None
Bring to Bunker?: Yes
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: No
Endings: No

Flag Categories

Flags: Girl


Meredith is a researcher that Vanessa's scouting team was to escort during their failed mission. Having been found and rescued, she's been brought back here to await recovery by the military. She's a rather plain young woman with an average build, though the occasional peek you've snuck show her to have some nice tits and a cute ass. She's fairly pretty in a geeky sort of way once you look past her nerdy glasses and the plain haircut her ginger hair's been given. She's wearing a grey shirt and khaki cargo pants. Her many pockets hold a collection of technical and scientific instruments, which she fiddles with frequently. Having found an old binder in the library, she's stuffed her crumpled notes into it and can often be found adding to them.

Her appearance changes as the player interacts with her.


After helping Vanessa transform fully and after she has had two foals (including the one she starts with), Vanessa will Meredith in one of her random dialogues. Vanessa intends to rescue her and asks for the player's help. If Coleen has been found, the player with face two Red Kangaroos. Otherwise, they will face three. Refusal, defeat or running away will remove both Vanessa and Meredith from play. After winning, Meredith is moved to the bunker along with the player.

Bunker Events

  1. A day after the player speaks to Meredith in the bunker for the first time, she will impart the findings of her previous research to the player. The player gains an amount of experience equal to their intelligence score added to their level.
  2. The player may speak with her again half a day later, where she will have an accident with some infected samples. A day later she will be available for sex.
  3. Having sex with her two times will progress, then complete her transformation.
  4. After having sex with her two more times, Meredith will bring up the fact that she can't seem to get pregnant. If the player has met Doctor Medea she will ask to be taken to meet her, or to help Medea find the proper supplies. If she has not been met, the player must search for the Pediatrics Clinic in Outside Exploration, speak with her, find the abandoned truck, and return the supplies to Medea.
  5. On the way to Medea's clinic, Meredith and Vanessa meet Gwen, one of the soldiers from their drop. The player is given the option to push Gwen into Mare, solving her fertility problem through an Unbirthing scene. If declined, Vanessa will nurse Gwen instead, turning her into a Centaur Mare like the rest of them. They will then proceed to Medea's clinic where Meredith's fertility problem will be solved.


Once fully transformed, Meredith has a variety of sex options with both Vanessa and with a fully infected Coleen.