Latex Mistress

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Latex Mistress

Location: Red Light
Level: 2
HP: 25
Damage: 5
Target Gender: Female
Endings?: No

Flag Categories

Flags: Girl


Heat?: No

Author- Stripes

Danger Level: 2, Typical Environment: Red Light District


You are faced with a strange latex-bound person. While looking quite human beneath the black latex suit, this covers her entirely and seems to be bonded to her or may even be completely a part of her flesh. Her head is covered completely in a black mask with only her eyes and mouth visible behind it. Her body, arms and legs are completely covered by the skin-tight latex. Even her hands are covered in claw-tipped gloves and her feet in boots with a six inch platform and a nine inch heel. These, like the rest of the latex seem melded into the suit and part of the seamless whole. The only other openings are those giving access to her wet pussy and tight anus. She looks you over for a moment, rubbing the handle of her whip across her pussy and licking her lips slowly. She then gives the whip a meaningful crack and moves in to attack you.


  • Optional watersports content.