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Species: Kitsune, Vulpogryph
Changes species?: Yes
Gender: Female
Location: The Grey Abbey
Must be found?: Yes
Events: Adventurer, Onyx Crow
Bring to Bunker?: Yes
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: Yes
Endings: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Girl, Furry


Kitsune: Travelling the city streets, you take a moment to glance behind you and, as you return your eyes to your path, you find it blocked by another figure. Before you is a female silver fox with several fluffy tails. She's dressed rather more unusually than most others you've met. Her red, sleeveless top is tight over her breasts and she has a pair of khaki shorts with some pouches belted to it. She has a pair of goggles on her head, worn resting above her brow. Slung over her back is a backpack. Her appearance, save for her sexy, vulpine nature would lead you to imagine her as a character in an adventure movie or video game, perhaps raiding tombs or hunting relics. Aside from her paw resting on the machete strapped to her hip, she doesn't seem aggressive.

Vulpogryph: Transformed by the strange artifact you helped her recover, Solstice has become an unusual, gryphon-like creature. Her upper body is decidedly avian in nature, with black feathers and a crow's head and beak. Her eyes are sharp and have a lustful glint as they look at you. She has a pair of broad, black wings attached to her back as well. Her paws resemble bird-like talons. There are some hints of her previous, vulpine nature as well, with foxish ears and mammalian breasts filling her red shirt. Her lower body is largely unchanged and is that of a sexy, multi-tailed vixen, though those tails are now covered in black plumage. Her fur is a silvery gray in stark contrast to her darker feathers. Along with her red, sleeveless top, the vulpogryph wears a pair of khaki shorts with attached pouches. She's even set up her bedroll in one of the reading rooms to the side of the library and is keeping her small backpack there as well.


The player can find Solstice through the Adventurer event in Outside Exploration after having visited the Museum. She asks the player to retrieve an artifact called the Onyx Crow which is currently in the Museum. The player may hunt for the Onyx Crow in the Museum, which will lead to a fight with a Cerberus. Beating the Cerberus allows the player to take the Onyx Crow and allows the player to once again find the Adventurer event. When met, Solstice will automatically take the Onyx Crow from the player and lead them to her hideout to finish assembling the artifact. The artifact is cursed, however, and turns her into a Vulpogryph. The player has the option either to take the original promised reward, gaining a food, water and 50 freecred, or they can take Solstice herself as their reward. Both end up infecting the player with Vulpogryph.

A little more than a day after the player's last encounter with her, Solstice will show up in the Library.


Once in the library, Solstice offers the player "lessons" which can raise the player's perception if it's less than 20 if the player passes an intelligence check. If the player's perception is greater than 20, it will merely raise the player's libido and morale, while inflicting a small penalty to sanity. It will also result in a sex scene.