Blue Chaffinch

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Blue Chaffinch

Location: Zoo
Level: 3
HP: 27
Damage: 6
Target Gender: Female*

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy, Furry


Heat?: No

Author- Stripes

Danger Level: 3, Typical Environment: Zoo


The avian creature before you is a covered in bright blue plumage that is very even in color across most of his body. Only the ends of his wings and tail are a much darker midnight blue on the flight feathers, and his lower belly and the underside of his narrow tail are downy and white. He has a puffy looking body compared to his slender arms and legs thanks to his soft feathers. His head is rounded and shaped like that of a finch, though his beak is thicker, showing his infection to somehow be that of an exotic blue chaffinch. His eyes are like black beads with a touch of white feathers just above and below.

Seeing you, he puffs out these feathers further and chirps angrily at you, trying to make himself look larger. "You'll be singing a new tune once you're under me," the songbird says.


  • Unique: There is only one of this creature in the game.
  • Adjustable Target Gender: While the default is to make the player female, the Blue Chaffinch will push a player towards their Gender Preferred feat selection, if one exists.
  • Special Victory: Only male players with sufficient predatory bird or feline infections will have an opportunity to obtain victory sex from the Blue Chaffinch. Being successful at this a few times will grant you the opportunity to turn him into the masochistic NPC Icarus. Either way, he will then be removed from the active monster pool.