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Species: Brown Rat Male
Gender: Male
Location: Dirty Alley
Must be found?: No
Bring to Bunker?: No
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: No
Endings: Yes*

Flag Categories

Flags: Male, Furry


You wander closer to the punk-rat and can't help staring at him - he's got the slim body of a typical anthro rodent, but seems to be well muscled in an attractively lean way. It is clear that he's been living on the streets for a while now, as all the fur you can see on him seems unkempt and somewhat grimy, much like his surroundings. A peaked leather cap rests on his head, complete with visor and a silver chain across the front, making him look like he just mugged one of the village people. Interestingly, it is in very good condition, as is the biker-style leather jacket the young man has zipped up to the top, with the leather glistening in a soft sheen.


Blake does not show up as an intractable NPC on the map. The player may only encounter him by going East from the Smith Haven Mall East Lot.

  • In order to submit to Blake, the player must have a dick.
  • The player may attempt to attack and capture Blake regardless of genitalia.



If the player chooses to submit to Blake during their first meeting, he stays dominant.

  • If Blake is Dominant, he will only interact with the player if they have a dick.
  • Blake has Cock Vore and Anal Vore scenes if the game is set to More Vore.


If the player attempts to attack Blake during their first encounter, it opens up the option to tie him up and sell him out or use him yourself.

  • After knocking Blake out, Juergen the Moose will arrive and prompt the next scene:
    • Choosing to capture Blake will make him available for submissive sex.
    • The other two options will remove Blake from the game.
  • After subduing Blake, Logan will stay in the Dirty Alley and give the player Blakes earnings, in the form of food and water.
  • Blake becomes available for sex anytime when captured.
  • If Logan respects the player, he will help the player spit-roast or DP Blake.


  • *Players will experience a game over if they are vored by Blake while their humanity is lower than 10.