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Species: Gryphon
Gender: Male
Combat: No
Location: Qytat a'th Lundrues: Qytat Plaza
Must be found?: No
Events: Free Milk and Abandoned Milk
Bring to Bunker?: No
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: Yes
Endings: No

Flag Categories

Flags: Girl, Furry


Garrett is an all-male version of those hermaphrodite gryphons you've seen out in the city. Having the same blue colouration and hybrid anatomy, he lacks any of the female features. If anything, he's more manly with a stronger build from his work spreading gryphon milk around the city. His large chest is well-muscled and his shoulders and wings are strong from flying. He even has big, powerful legs from all his leaps for take-off. And given he only wears a white milkman's cap as his uniform, all of this is on display. And speaking of things being on display, you're also given a clear view of his heavy furry balls and extra-thick sheath, showing that this hunk's more manly than the others of his kind in that department as well.


Before meeting Garrett in Qytat, it is possible to encounter some of his milk deliveries as scavenging events during 'Free Milk' and 'Abandoned Milk'.

Accessing Qytat is started by doing the 'Guard Gryphon' event. See the page for Qytat a'th Lundrues for complete instructions on getting there.


  • Garrett, tired of being surrounded by herms, is in the mood for some action with other completely male individuals, preferably gryphons. He will provide a selection of sex scenes to males, especially male gryphons. He will allow players of any gender to give him a hand job.
  • He provides a special infectious item, gryphon cum, to infect the player as a male version of the Hermaphrodite Gryphon infection.
  • After several M/M scenes with Garrett, the player will be able to give gryphon cum to a defeated Hermaphrodite Gryphon. This results in a TG scene that makes them male.