Qytat a'th Lundrues

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This is the invisible, floating city of the Hermaphrodite Gryphons. It seems that they may be somehow tied into the infection outbreak. The entrance staircase to this floating city moves between points in the infected city. The three access points the player can find and try to enter are: the Bright Alley, the Green Apartment and the Red Apartment.


Staircase Entry, Stairs, City Plaza, Gryphon Nest, Shifting Room (hidden)


  • Garrett, the Gryphon Milkman.
  • Timothy, the Hermaphrodite Gryphon pet.


There is no hunting area immediately attached to the Qytat a'th Lundrues.


  • Hidden Access: The entrance to the hidden city is difficult to spot unless you know to look for it, following the Floating City of Qytat quest. As such, a player must learn about its existence from the 'Gryphon Guard' event. She tell the player about the three entrances nearby. The player will have to find one or more of them to gain access. The stairwell randomly moves between these three and so trying an entrance may not work at any given time. The player may not always return to the same spot they left if they do anything that spends a turn while within the city.
  • Shifting: A player must go to the City Plaza in Qytat after completing the 'Secure Area' event to unlock the Shifting ability as part of that quest.