Floating City of Qytat

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Floating City of Qytat

Starting Event: Guard Gryphon
Event Area: Outside
Creator: Hellerhound

Flag Restrictions

Flags: Hermaphrodite, Furry

Qytat a'th Lundrues

Above the city, Qytat a'th Lundrues, the floating city of the Hermaphrodite Gryphons, drifts unseen just at the edge of reality. It is hidden to all those who don't know how to find the staircase to it. This invisible stairwell moves from time to time between a few specific spots. Finding Qytat a'th Lundrues is required to complete the Shifting Quest.

  1. Explore the Outside area, locate the 'Guard Gryphon' event and defeat the gryphon to learn about Qytat and its entrances.
  2. Search until you find either the Red Apartment, Green Apartment or Bright Alley.
  3. The staircase entrance shifts between these locations. Each one has an exit which may lead to the stairs.
  4. If the stairs are there, ascend to Qytat. If not, allow a turn to pass and check again. Resting, scavenging or using the journal are good methods to use, as you won't leave the area.
Qytat has been found and can be accessed from known entrances when it links to them.
Timothy the gryphon breed-pet is up there and is lots of fun.
Qytat can now be reached for its part in the Shifting Quest.


Github: https://github.com/Nuku/Flexible-Survival/blob/8464baab887aeef447f1c9e71689e8803e61ef33/Hellerhound/Qytat%20a%27th%20Lundrues.i7x